8 Characters That Used To Be At Walt Disney World, But No Longer Are

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There are many characters that we have seen come and go from the parks.  Maybe some you have notices, some you didn’t or some you didn’t even know ever existed!  Here are 8 characters that used to appear in the parks Walt Disney World, but no longer can be found:


8. Quasimodo

While I do love The Hunchback of Notre Dame, this did not end up being an overly popular movie.  The characters just weren’t as beloved as many of the other Disney characters by the masses, so the demand to see for Quasimodo dwindled out.  You may occasionally get to see him in limited magic offerings, but I wouldn’t count on it!

7. Orange Bird

Orange Bird is almost like a Disney cult favorite.  We are starting to see more Orange Bird merchandise come back and a presence within the parks, so maybe this is a sign that meet and greets could happen again!  For those of you that don’t know who he is, he was the mascot for the Florida Citrus Commission and became the sponsor for Sunshine Tree Terrace, a quick-service location in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom.  He was recently added back to the Sunshine Tree Terrace sign, so who knows what the future for Orange Bird holds!

6. Power Rangers

The Power Rangers used to do meet and greets with guests by their car at now Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  They also had a spot in the afternoon parade (which has been discontinued at the park) as another place to interact with guests.  Disney lost the licensing for them, so they stopped making appearances in the parks.

5. Merlin

I really do wish they would bring Merlin back!  He used to interact with guests by having them try their hand at pulling the sword from the stone at its location by the carousel in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.  Some lucky guest would prove themselves and accomplish the unthinkable feat of actually pulling the sword out.  It was great fun, and Merlin is a beloved character.

4. Kenai and Koda

This is another sad case of a Disney movie that just didn’t pick up the same popularity as other movies.  These loveable bears are from Brother Bear.  It really is a great movie, but didn’t get the fan base that it needed to keep them relevant in the parks.  They used to make daily appearances at Animal Kingdom and then were phased out.


3. Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck is another favorite, along with many of the other afternoon cartoon Disney characters that my generation know and love.  He hasn’t made appearances in the parks for years, other than occasionally for a limited magic opportunity.  I sure hope I get to catch him one day!

2. Dumbo

Dumbo is more of a case of just not working that well as a character meet and greet.  He used to make appearances, but it is rather hard to get the same Dumbo experience when he’s standing on his hind legs like Pluto and other characters do.  It would be nice to get more presence from him in parades and such, but it’s understandable why he was discontinued for meet and greets.

1. Dreamfinder and Figment

This another iconic, Disney fan cult favorite.  Dreamfinder and Figment were the stars of the original attraction that was placed at the Imagination pavilion.  Dreamfinder and Figment used to also come out for meet and greets with the guests, and was a very popular duo for a long time.  Once the ride was changed to Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Dreamfinder was phased out.  Since he was no longer part of the ride, the meet and greets, sadly, also stopped.  There are usually various rumors swirling about whether he will make a comeback, and definitely many requests and pleas to bring them back to the parks!

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