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10 Do’s & Don’ts To Be Aware of In Walt Disney World’s Current State

The whole world pretty much shut down when COVID-19 took over. Walt Disney World decided that it was the best thing for all the cast members and guests to close the parks down temporarily so they could put in safety measures and new procedures. Safety is always Walt Disney World’s number one priority and when the parks reopened in July they put some new safety rules into effect. Here are ten dos and don’ts since the parks have reopened.


10) DO Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

It is recommended that people should stay six feet apart to stop the spread of COVID-19. Disney has taken a lot of the guesswork out of it for you by putting down markers on the floors and ground. You’ll find these in any place where there are lines like attractions, restaurants, etc. Also, remember that if you have a bigger group it is okay to take up a couple of markers. That way you still will remain six feet away from other guests.

9) DON’T Crowd In 

Since social distancing is for everyone’s safety don’t try to squeeze into spaces or get too close to other people around you. Unfortunately, Disney had to temporarily cancel firework shows and large parades because those are places that guests crowd in really tight. Have respect for other people around you and keep everyone safe. 

8) DO Wash Your Hands and Use Hand Sanitizer

Washing your hands is one of the best ways to stop the spread of all germs, not just coronavirus. There are handwashing stations all over the parks, plus obviously you can wash your hands in the restrooms. There are also sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit of every attraction, plus other areas around Walt Disney World property. Make sure to take advantage of these spots. 


7) DON’T Touch Your Face

You never realize how much you touch your face until you’re trying not to. It is recommended that you do not touch your face since that is a main way that people can catch COVID-19. Follow the last DO and keep your hands clean, but still keep them off of your face. You might have touched a door or railing and didn’t even realize it.

6) DO Your Research

If you’ve never been to Walt Disney World before make sure that you do a lot of research before your visit. It’s good to figure out what your priority rides and your must-dos are. If you’ve been to the parks before but are visiting again make sure that you look up the new rules that are in effect. It’s important to be prepared so that way you don’t show up and discover unexpected surprises.

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5) DON’T Stress

Although these are stressful times your Walt Disney World vacation should be an opportunity relax and have fun. It’s your chance to get your mind off of the crazy world we live in. Know that many things are different and everything may not go perfectly, but just enjoy your trip with your family and friends. Be happy to be back in the Disney magic. 

4) DO Wear Your Mask

It is now required that you wear a mask in all public areas while on Walt Disney World property, except when eating or drinking while stationary, swimming, or taking an outdoor photo. It is for the safety of everyone. There are Relaxation Stations in each park, which are areas where you can take off your mask and still be socially distant from others. Make sure you take advantage of these areas. There is one in each park that is indoors in the air conditioning.

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3) DON’T Try To Break the Rules

Although it does get very hot in Florida don’t try to argue about wearing masks. The cast members are just following the new procedures and are wearing masks themselves. Don’t try to half wear the mask and then pull it up when you see a cast member. Disney is strictly enforcing this rule, please don’t try to get around it. Masks are required for all guests two years old and older, no exceptions.

2) DO Be Kind to Cast Members

Cast members play a large part in making Walt Disney World such a magical place. A lot of things have changed for them as well, and they’re having to adjust to the new normal. Be extra kind. If you find a cast member that really made you smile, go to Guest Relations and leave them a compliment. Make sure to get their name, where they’re from, and where they were working. Disney takes compliments for cast members seriously. A compliment can make their day, like they already did for you. Also, while you are just walking by, a wave and saying hello and thank you goes a long way. They can’t see your smile, so you need to make an extra effort.

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1) DON’T Be Rude

There are a lot of new procedures that are in effect, and some of them can feel kind of frustrating. Just know all of these new procedures are for the safety of all guests and cast members. Don’t be rude if a cast member asks you to follow the new rules. 2020 and 2021 have been stressful years for everyone, and being rude to someone is not going to make anyone feel any better. Don’t be rude to the cast members, or to the other guests. Treat others the way that you want to be treated.

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