10 Expansions We’d Love To See At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

One of the things that’s amazing about Disney World is its ability to evolve and change over time while still retaining that amazing nostalgic feeling we’ve all come to know and love. That said, while the company is always working hard to make much needed updates, there are still plenty of changes we’d love to see come about. Many of these are really just fantasies—things that will likely never happen. However, several are updates and expansions we could actually see being implemented sometime in the future.


1. Ghibli Land

While we realize it probably won’t happen since Disney doesn’t own the Studio Ghibli films, we still think it’d be super awesome to have an entire land dedicated to these masterpieces. As of right now we only have some Studio Ghibli merchandise in the Japan Pavilion in Epcot, but what if we could have a Spirited Away rollercoaster, a My Neighbor Totoro dark ride, a Ponyo ramen shop, and/or a Kiki’s Delivery Service-themed bakery?

2. Monorail Updates and Expanded Routes

It’s no secret that the monorail is in desperate need of updates. In fact, it’s a bit sad to see this once-innovative mode of transportation fade slowly away. We love the monorail and feel it’s an important part of the Disney experience. Therefore, we hope to see the beloved train get some much needed TLC In the near future. While they’re at it, we’d also find it pretty darn cool if the track was expanded upon to offer guests monorail transportation to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

3. Additional Value and Moderate Resorts

Yes, there are tons of resort hotels on Disney World property, and yes, they have a couple more in the works. However, the vast majority of these hotels—including the new ones—are in the Deluxe or Villa categories. The problem is that many average Americans cannot afford to stay at these upscale resorts. For this reason, we’d love to see more Value and Moderate Resorts added to the lineup in coming years.


4. Villain-Themed Attractions

In our opinion, the villains don’t get nearly enough in-park attention. Most of Disney’s villains are pretty amazing creations. Why not give credit where credit’s due and give the villains a ride, a show, or even a character dining experience? This would be hugely popular and a nice change of pace from the typical Disney attraction.

5. Super Cool Playgrounds

Here’s the thing, small children don’t do well when cooped up in a stroller all day, nor do they enjoy walking long distances with no freedom to wander. The funny thing is, this is what kids are expected to do when in Disney World. Why not give the little ones a bit of a break by building a few more exciting playgrounds? Yes, there are play areas in 3 of the 4 parks, but only Animal Kingdom has a really cool Disney-style playground. This is what we want to see more of.

6. Future World Upgrades

Considering Future World is meant to represent…well, the future, it’s pretty obviously in need of some updates. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say this section could use a complete overhaul and reimagining. After all, the “permanent World’s Fair” idea doesn’t seem to be working out so well. ***Great news however – Disney is already reimagining this area and scheduling some major updates to roll out of Epcot in 2021!***

7. Frontierland Expansion

Of all the lands in Magic Kingdom, it seems that Frontierland gets the least amount of love these days. It’s a bit tucked away in the back of the park, but it also has the most room for expansion. Why not add another ride or two back there? A slow-moving ride would give younger kids who aren’t tall enough for Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain something to do, and would keep people in the area a bit longer, helping to relieve congestion in other parts of the park.

8. Pixar Character Dining

We love character dining and we love Pixar. Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any options to have both at the same time in Disney World, something that likely disappoints countless Pixar fans on a regular basis. ***Disney has announced a table-service restaurant on the way to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Toy Story Land! Unfortunately, at the present time it doesn’t look like it will be a character dining experience.***

9. Mythical Creatures at Animal Kingdom

Before Animal Kingdom opened, the plan was to add a land dedicated to mythical creatures such as dragons and unicorns. In fact, if you look at the sign as you enter, you can even find a dragon displayed there. While Pandora did indeed bring in some mythical creatures, we’d still love to see this haven for childhood fantasy animals come to fruition.

10. Nighttime Parades

From the very beginning, Disney World has played host to magical parades. In 1971, the resort added a new kind of parade: the Electrical Water Pageant. From there, we saw the Main Street Electrical Parade make its debut in 1977, and from that point until 2016, Magic Kingdom almost always offered a nighttime parade option to guests. Unfortunately, since the last nighttime parade left in 2016, we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of a replacement. We hope this doesn’t mean the nighttime parade tradition at Magic Kingdom is now gone forever, and we continue to hope that a lovely replacement is on its way.

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