Facts About Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Walt Disney World

When you arrive at Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu you can’t miss the famous Millennium Falcon. It’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy! There are PhotoPass picture spots near the Falcon, and you will want to snap a few shots on your phone. After you are done with the pictures you can live your dream of flying in the most famous ship from a galaxy far, far away.


9. The Same Experience

Guests can visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at either Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida or Disneyland Park in California. The lands are almost identical. This includes Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. You will have the same ride experience on either coast.

8. Motion Sickness

If you have an extreme problem with motion sickness you might want to wait for your party outside. The screen is developed to make you feel as if you are really flying! That said, many people who experience mild motion sickness can handle the ride. If you are worried about it, try to get the Engineer position. This is the furthest from the screen, and it is easy to look away if you start to feel nauseous.

7. …Single Rider Is Available

If the Wait Time is longer than you had hoped, there is a Single Rider Line. If all you want to do is ride it is definitely worth it. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind with Single Rider. First, you will miss all the incredible details of the Standby Queue. Second, if you are in a group you will not be able to ride together. Third, if you are a Single Rider, you will end up with whatever position is left over. Most likely you will be an Engineer.

6. Height Requirement

For those traveling with younglings, make sure that they are each at least 38 inches tall. Disney is very serious about height policies, it is 100% for the safety of your children. If a member of your party does not meet the height requirement, Rider Switch is available.

5. Play Disney Parks App

The Play Disney Parks App adds even more fun in Galaxy’s Edge. You can decode different languages, scan barcodes to retrieve items, and find out where your allegiance lies. You can take missions and it will even keep track of how you did on Smugglers Run. Keep the app open when you ride and you might receive “credits”. The Play Disney Parks App adds an extra element to an already fun experience.

4. Hondo Ohnaka 

Any Star Wars: The Clone Wars fans out there? If you are, you will be excited to see Hondo Ohnaka partway through your wait. You will be working for Hondo, he borrowed the Falcon from Chewbacca and you are needed to get supplies for the Resistance. The Hondo Ohnaka animatronic is so lifelike that you might think that he is an actor. He will also give you instructions during your flight. Hondo is voiced by Jim Cummings, who is also the voice of Winnie the Pooh, and many other Disney characters.

3. Photo Opportunity

One of the most famous Millennium Falcon scenes outside of the cockpit in Star Wars is when Chewbacca and R2-D2 play a chess-like game known as dejarik. There is a great photo opportunity inside the ride queue where you can sit at that table! You won’t have much time there, so sit down quickly and snap a couple of pictures. If you still have time, look around the rest of the room. There are so many little details that you could spend an hour in there and not come close to seeing everything.

2. Your Job

Each member of your six-person team will be handed a color coded card. Once they call your color, your crew is ready to board. Your card will have your job on it. The three positions are pilot, gunner, and engineer. There are two of each, the cards do not say left or right. Pilots are in charge of flying the ship, gunners will shoot, and last but not least engineers are responsible for repairing the ship. (Gunners and engineers push buttons on the side.) Hondo will give instructions for who is to do what and when. Your whole crew needs to work together to have the most successful flight.

1. How Did You Do?

After your mission is over you will be given a report and find out how many containers of coaxium you retrieved. How your crew did really does affect the final outcome. You could end up with a great score, or you might end up with almost nothing. It is even possible to owe Hondo credits because of all the damage to the Falcon. When you leave, listen for the announcements in the background as you walk down the hall. They can change as well, depending on how your group did. You will have a great time on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run; and may the Force be with you.

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