10 Food And Drink Items That Come With A Souvenir At Walt Disney World

Disney vacations can be pretty costly, so it is always nice when you can double-dip and enjoy a treat, while still getting a souvenir to bring home with you or to potentially give as a gift to someone else. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then here are 10 great food and drink items that also come with a souvenir:


10. Rapid Refill Resort Mugs

When you purchase the Rapid Refill resort mug during your stay at a Disney Resort, you also get to keep the cup. The cup can serve hot and cold liquids and is insulated to protect the temperature. The image on the mugs may change from time to time, but are all the same. You are able to select different colored lids/handles if you want to be able to tell each mug apart easily within your family. We love using these once we are back home!

9. Glow Cube Cocktails

Many different cocktails (and mock-tails) around the parks after dark have glow cubes in them. Sometimes during special events, you will also get glow cubes in other shapes to enjoy and make your drink more fun and noticeable during evening entertainment. Once you have completed your drink, there is a button to turn off the glow cube so that you can save it and use it again!

8. Popcorn Buckets

These are extremely popular. You have the regular popcorn buckets that look like buckets that can be found and most popcorn stands. You also have series of themed popcorn buckets that come in various shapes, like a treasure chest, Cinderella’s coach, Dumbo, etc. These sell super quick and many people collect the different specialty buckets.

7. Tiki Sipper / Tiki Bowl

You can get these at a couple places. You can get them when you get Dole Whips or Dole Whip Floats in the Magic Kingdom so that you can enjoy your treat in a themed cup or bowl and then get to keep it. You can also get these at the Polynesian, and even with “adult” beverages in them from Trader Sam’s. No matter which way you go, it is well worth it!

6. Refillable Waterpark Mugs

These are different than the Rapid Refill mugs. These only work at the waterparks and are a different design. You purchase the unlimited use of the soda machines for one day, and then you get to keep the mug. It gives you a specific souvenir from your waterpark experience.


5. Rainforest Café / TREX Specialty Beverages

Adult beverages at both of these locations are absolutely amazing. They constantly have specials and are very willing to make recommendations on different beverages to enjoy. They have keep the glass options, which are a really good deal since the drink size is about 5-6 ounces larger and you get a fresh, clean glass new in the box to take home with you for only $5 more than the smaller drink price. You get a souvenir to commemorate your dining experience and you get a delicious beverage. Win-win! You will find yourself making excuses to get yourself a whole set!

4. Mickey Pants Sundae

You might have seen the plastic Mickey Pants sink bowls that Disney fans display in many different ways after their trips. These were inspired from the Kitchen Sink dessert. You actually get a sundae in the Mickey Pants bowl, and then you get to keep the bowl. You can use it to hold coins, craft items, hair bows, etc., so now you have an excuse to eat more sundaes!

3. Belle’s Goblet or Gaston’s Mug

When you order LeFou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern at Magic Kingdom, you will be given the option to select Belle’s Goblet or Gaston’s Mug as an option to enjoy your drink in. (You can also get them without a souvenir cup.) Both are plastic, so they won’t get messed up when you have to tote them around the parks and can be rinsed out and easily added to one of your bags. They are a lot of fun and get souvenir of your time in Fantasyland.

2. Light-Up Glow Goblet

You can get these when you dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table or Be Our Guest restaurants. The bottom of the goblets light up and make for a lot of fun in the lower-lit dining environments. Since you get to keep the goblet, you can even carry it around the park with you so that you can stand out among the other guests during the night time shows and parades.

1. Marshmallow straw sticks.

You may have noticed marshmallows covered in chocolate on a Mickey’s swirly straw. These are super fun, and fairly inexpensive treat that children love. They don’t have to get their hands messy since they have the straw to hold onto as they eat the marshmallow and chocolate. Then after they have eaten their treat they are left with a Mickey straw that they can use to enjoy their beverages and take home with them.

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