10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Walt Disney World’s FastPass+

FastPass+ is a system that allows guests to show up to a particular attraction during a specified block of time and board the attraction with much less of a wait.  There is a special FastPass+ line for these guests to enter so that they bypass the standby line.  There is a lot to know about FastPass+ so that you can make it work for your vacation.  Here are our top 10 things that you absolutely must know about making your selections:


10. It is free with park admission.

Yes, you read that right!  I said, “Free!”  FastPass+ availability is based on a guest having park admission for a given day to be able to make the selections.  If the guest has valid park admission linked to their account, then they are able to book FastPass+ selections and there is absolutely no charge for making them.  It is all part of the cost for park admission.

9. FastPass+ replaces the old paper ticket system.

The original FastPass plus system gave you a paper ticket that you would turn in when it was time to enter the FastPass queue for the attraction.  With the new system you use your Magic Band or plastic park ticket to enter the queue.  There is a set time that you are able to enter the queue and they are more diligent with the times than with they were with the paper FastPasses.

8. You can make your FastPass+ selections in advance of your trip.

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort (and have park admission included in your stay), then you can start making your FastPass+ selections 60 days in advance of your trip.  Otherwise once you have valid park admission you can begin making your FastPass+ selections 30 days in advance of your trip.  Some of the attractions are extremely popular and book up very fast so you will want to make your selections as early as you can.  You get to pick the times so you can start planning a little bit of your day.


7. You will need to set up an account on My Disney Experience.

In order to make and view FastPass+ selections in advance, you will have to set up a My Disney Experience account.  The account is completely free and allows you to link all of your vacation, ticket and reservation emails to your party.  You will need to make sure that all members of your party are set up as well and link all park admission to the users in order to use your account to make selections.

6. You get to select 3 attractions in advance, with an opportunity to get more.

For each day that you have valid park admission, you can make 3 FastPass+ selections in advance.  These three must all be in the same theme park. You only get to make 3 in advance, but if you use all 3 of those selections you get to make a 4th selection from the available FastPass+ options remaining. Use up your 4th FastPass+? No problem! Once you use your 4th FastPass+, you can pick up a 5th FastPass+ and repeat this process as many times as possible, up to park closing.

5. You can use a FastPass+ for another park after your initial FastPass+ selections are used.

Does your ticket include a Park Hopper Option or are you an Annual Passholder? Perfect… this one is for you! After you use your initial FastPass+ selections at the first park, you’ll be able to make additional FastPass+ selections (one at a time) at a kiosk or using the mobile app at the second park you visit that day, up to park closing.

4. You don’t have to go to the attraction to book FastPass+.

With the old paper FastPass system, guests had to venture back to where the attraction was to reserve their FastPass+.  You will be happy to know that you no longer have to do that.  No walking back and forth all over the park.  You get to make the selections directly from the app or My Disney Experience website.  A few FastPass+ kiosks are also available throughout the parks. You now have more control over selecting the times for the attractions so that they fit better within your day.

3. You can make changes to your selections.

Once you make the selections, you are able to change them.  You can even make changes to what selections you have the same day, even after one has expired and you missed the time.  The system is very convenient in that way and lets you move things around as much as you want based on availability.  If your plans change, it is fairly easy to move things around.  The only hurdle is if there is no availability left for a particular attraction.

2. FastPass+ is only offered for certain attractions.

FastPass+ isn’t offered at every single attraction at Walt Disney World.  It is offered for a good majority of the attractions, including shows, but not all of them.  If you don’t see a particular attraction when you are scrolling through the options, then that means that FastPass+ isn’t offered.  If the attraction offers FastPass+, but has no availability, the attraction will still be listed and reference that there are no times available.

1. There is a tier system for selecting attractions at certain parks.

Magic Kingdom is the only park that doesn’t have tiers for attractions when making FastPass+ selections.  Currently, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom have 2 categories/tiers of attractions.  You are only able to make 1 selection out of category 1 and then 2 selections out of category 2.  This is to help diversify the attractions that guests select so that they don’t take all of the top attractions first.

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