10 Things to Know About the NBA Experience at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

The NBA Experience at Disney Springs is an offering that has been added in the building where Disney Quest used to be.  This experience is definitely a location that basketball enthusiasts will want to check out while at Walt Disney World.  Here are 10 things to know about the NBA Experience:


10. The Cost

This is a separate ticketed offering within the Disney Springs area of Walt Disney World.  The admission is set at $34 for an adult (ages 10+) and $29 for children (ages 3 to 9).  These prices do not include applicable taxes that are applied.  Everyone within these age ranges that enter the facility will be required to purchase admission. Ticket are also non transferrable and non-refundable.

9. What to Bring

Guests must have footwear in order to participate in any of the activities within the NBA Experience.  Due to the nature of the activities, it is highly recommended that guests wear athletic footwear while enjoying the activities.

8. You will have to sign a waiver.

Due to the physical components of the activities and experiences, guests will be required to sign a waiver before they can participate.  The waiver must be completed for every member of the party, with parents/guardians signing for any children who are under the age of 18.


7. There are 13 different activities to enjoy.

If you love basketball, then you are definitely going to want to take your time and check out all that the NBA Experience has to offer!  You enter through the Player Entry Tunnel where you are welcomed by the sound of an excited crowd and then you get to participate in the different events to test your knowledge, practice drills, train and more. 

6. Five of the activities help you test your skills and get in the game.

If you want to test some of your skills, you will want to check out these 5 activities.  The first is Dunk! where you get to dunk and take a great photo.  The next is Shoot! Where you are guided through a sequence of shots to perform and you will have a virtual crowd to cheer for you during the experience.  The next is Dribble, where you the coach will lead you through drills and designed to accommodate a variety of different dribbling skill levels.  Then there is Slingshot, where you will try to get the ball through hoops using a large slingshot.  Finally there is also an arcade area where you can test your hand-eye coordination from several different arcade game options.

5. Five of the activities allow you to expand your knowledge of basketball.

These are also fun experiences for guests with the first being Combine which lets you will learn more about the science behind basketball through performing a series of Combine drills and then receive feedback on how you did.  Trivia is another activity where you can test your basketball knowledge and compete against up to 24 other players.  The next is Champions, where you can remember the history of NBA and WNBA and the journeys of players.  Then there is Replay where you get to make calls on plays and see how you measure up with your calls.  Finally there are also 2 theaters that let you check out short films about basketball.

4. Three of the activities let you feel the experience of a professional basketball player.

These activities are designed to let you see what it might be like to walk in the footsteps of a professional player.  Draft is an experience where guests will get to experience getting drafted into the league.  Players is where guests can explore the locker room and see the team rosters and more from the season.  Then Trophy Moments in Hall of Champions is where you can enjoy your own photo op with a league MVP trophy.  There is also a lot of photos and video clips of other championship moments from the NBA.

3. Be sure to check out the merchandise at the NBA Store.

If you love basketball, then you will want to save time to check out the NBA store. There you will find a variety of clothing and apparel as well as memorabilia and other great basketball items.  It is a great place to pick up gear from your favorite NBA and WNBA teams.

2. NBA Experience may not be as fun for younger kids.

If you are traveling with younger kiddos, the NBA Experience may not be as exciting for them.  Since many of the games and experiences are active or based on learning more about basketball, there isn’t much for babies and toddlers to enjoy.  So unless you have older kids in your party or you are a diehard basketball fan, you may not find this as fun for your party.

1. Photo ops are done with automatic cameras and not live photographers.

If you take advantage of the photo opportunities at the NBA Experience, you will want to know that they don’t have live photographers.  The experiences will typically take 3 photos with the photo machines and the photos will be within your My Disney Experience account.  You won’t have as much opportunity for posing so you will have to make sure you are camera ready once you get started.

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