10 Things You’ll Love About Main Street U.S.A. At Walt Disney World

The very first thing you see when walking into Magic Kingdom is Main Street, U.S.A. This bustling land is a truly wonderful place, and Mr. Disney was quite clever in placing it at the very front of the park. Of course, every part of Disney World is wonderful. However, we really feel we could spend hours in this small part of Magic Kingdom and be perfectly content. Here’s what we love about Main Street, U.S.A.


1. Nostalgia

This first thing you’ll feel upon entering this area of the park is nostalgia. Now, it isn’t very likely that any of you were actually alive during the 1900s to feel any sort of deep connection to the era, but still, the place somehow gives off some serious nostalgic vibes. We love this, and soak it right up as we walk down Main Street.

2. Details

Part of what makes the land so nostalgic is the amazing attention to detail. Everything from the clever shop names to the historically accurate architecture just feels so real. Want to witness a funny detail you may have missed before? Head into the little nook between Uptown Jewelry Store and Crystal Arts. There, if you sit long enough, you’ll hear the sounds of tapdancing lessons or maybe even a voice lesson.

3. Characters

If you arrive at the Magic Kingdom early in the day, you’re likely to run into one or two of Main Street’s citizens. From the mayor to the choir director, these characters are super fun to talk to and even more fun to pose in pictures with. Be sure to stop and say hello whenever you happen to see an elegantly dressed citizen of this 1900s town. You’ll be glad you took the time to do so!


4. Shows

Besides the citizens mentioned above, you’ll probably also catch some of Main Street’s more talented residents. The Dapper Dans, for instance, perform multiple times a day, and are a barbershop quartet worth stopping for. Other performers include the Main Street Philharmonic and the kids who perform the daily Trolley Show. Be sure to add some of these performances to your to-do list!

5. Transportation

Speaking of the trolley, you’ll want to hitch a ride on the trolley or horseless carriage while you’re in town. These modern forms of transportation are absolutely amazing, and the perfect way to travel from one end of Main Street to the other. Snap a photo on the way to prove to your friends that these modern marvels truly do exist.

6. Coffee

Coffee makes everything better. Believe it or not, this includes Disney World. Lucky for you, Main Street is home to an amazingly quick Starbucks that offers the perfect set of morning wake-ups or afternoon pick-me-ups. Stop by on your way into the park and find a place to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Main Street as you sip your coffee beverage.

7. Snacks

Main Street is also home to two beloved Magic Kingdom snack stops. Casey’s Corner is a great place to grab a tasty hot dog or some corn dog nuggets before sitting down to watch the parade pass by. Meanwhile, the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor offers fresh waffle cones and a delicious ice cream flavor for every palate. Clearly, this land is the place to go for snacks!

8. The People-Watching

While you drink your coffee and munch on those snacks, why not get in some people-watching? Because Main Street is the first land everyone passes through when entering the park, you’re almost guaranteed some good people-watching opportunities. Keep an eye out for people wearing costumes, folks with homemade Mickey ears or shirts, and those who are Disneybounding. You’ll be amazed at the creativity of some park goers!

9. The View

Main Street, U.S.A. offers a perfect view of Cinderella Castle. Not only is this good for picture-taking purposes, it also makes entering the park even more magical. Of course, this means Main Street is also the ideal place to watch the fireworks show, projection show, and even the parades. Overall, we’d say Main Street has the best views in the entire park (and possibly the whole resort).

10. Shopping

For many, shopping is just as much a part of a Disney vacation as riding rides. These people love Main Street. After all, the entire road is lined with shops of all kinds, making it a shopper’s paradise. Not only that, these shops stay open well after closing time, meaning you can extend your Magic Kingdom day even further as you shop for the perfect souvenir.

As you can see, we think Main Street, U.S.A is a pretty special place. Try spending some extra time in the area during your next trip and let us know what you think about it.

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