10 Unique Walt Disney World Souvenir Ideas

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10. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments on their own might not seem like the most unique souvenir, but if you’re visiting the Disney parks in the middle of the summer, Christmas shopping might be the furthest thing on your mind. There are so many nice Christmas ornaments sold in Walt Disney World, so I always make sure to pick up at least one ornament during each trip. Christmas ornaments can primarily be found at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe in the Magic Kingdom, or Disney Days of Christmas and World of Disney, located at Disney Springs. As the holiday season approaches, you’ll see some more shops around the parks selling holiday merchandise as well.


9. Home Décor

Walt Disney World actually sells so many different home décor items that it I easy to pick up a unique souvenir you can use when you get home from vacation. Some of my favorite home décor items that I’ve picked up include pillows and framed prints. I recently purchased an Enchanted Tiki Room pillow, which goes perfectly with the tropical design of the other furniture in my bedroom!

8. Kitchen Items

Any of the larger stores in the parks, like Mouse Gear or the Emporium for instance, will have large sections devoted to kitchen merchandise. Disney Springs can also be a great place to go if you’re looking to add some Disney to your kitchen. These items might include anything from measuring cups, to flatware, even wine glasses, and they can all make unique souvenirs to bring home from a week at the parks.

7. Event Specific Merchandise

Most of the event specific merchandise sold at Walt Disney World can only be found during those events. For instance, if you visit the parks during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, you won’t be able to come back in January and pick up one of those shirts. Due to the nature of the events then, this kind of merchandise is extremely unique as it is typically dated and only sold for a short portion of the year.

6. Limited Edition Items

Similarly to event specific merchandise, limited editions items are unique simply because you can only purchase them for a limited time. Generally a certain number of the item is produced, and one it’s all sold, well, that’s it. My favorite limited edition items are pins. But be careful if you decide to wait on getting a limited edition pin you want, once they’re out they go pretty quickly.

5. Favorite Attraction Souvenirs

Instead of getting a more generic Walt Disney World t-shirt, I like to stick to things that really make my visits to the parks special. This is why you’ll often see me frequenting the Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain gift shops. If you love a certain attraction, stocking up on souvenirs from that gift shop is a great way to represent one of your favorite places at Walt Disney World.


4. Animal Kingdom/Animal Kingdom Lodge Souvenirs

Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge have some of the best souvenirs in my opinion, as so many of those items can’t be found anywhere else. Anything that is handmade in Africa would be extremely difficult for me to find at home, and all of these items are also not generally found at other locations at the Walt Disney World Resort. I also love the merchandise that features Mickey with the different animal print designs—another Disney item that is specific to Animal Kingdom and the Lodge.

3. World Showcase Souvenirs

Like the Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge souvenirs, there are so many items found in World Showcase that you cannot purchase anywhere else in Walt Disney World. In fact, many of these items you cannot purchase without actually visiting those countries. I find that souvenir shopping in World Showcase is best when you’re shopping for friends or family at home who you want to get a souvenir for, but you’re not too sure they’d like anything overly-Disney. And if you do want something with a little more Disney to it, World Showcase has that covered as well. There are plenty of souvenirs with designs featuring Mickey and the gang that are specific to the countries of World Showcase, making these items some of the most unique souvenirs at Walt Disney World.

2. New Technology Souvenirs

Pandora – The World of Avatar is the newest land located in Animal Kingdom theme park. Not only does this new land boast two awesome rides and a beautiful setting known at Valley of Mo’ara, but they have some the most unique and high tech souvenirs on property. Visit Windtraders to create your own Avatar Action Figure! Your image will be taken and transformed into an Avatar Action Figure you can take home with you. Plus, you can also purchase a robotic Banshee (flying dragon-like figure) that will interact with you. Perch it on your shoulder and show it off to your friends and family. Pretty awesome stuff that will provide a memorable souvenir to take home.

1. Personalized Ear Hats

The most unique souvenir for me from Walt Disney World is a personalized ear hat. I love purchasing new ear hats and having them embroidered with something meaningful. Rather than including just my name, I usually try to think of something that means something to me, or that only I would understand. For instance, at the end of my first college program, I had my hat embroidered with “Cousin Britt” because I worked in Dinoland and in Dinoland everyone is “cousins.” Making your hat more specific to you makes it a little bit more fun, and adds to the unique factor of this souvenir.

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