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11 Free Things With Or Without Park Passes At Walt Disney World

The cost of a Disney vacation can add up quickly, especially the more family members that you have joining you on the trip. Maybe you are in the area and want to experience Disney without purchasing park tickets, or maybe you are there for several days, but want to limit the number of days you purchase tickets for…. Well either way there are many free things that you can do within Walt Disney World that you can do with or without park passes. Here are 11 of my favorite free things you could do:


11. Resort Movies and Campfires

Almost all of the Walt Disney World resorts host movies each night under the stars as well as campfires. The most popular of the campfires is at Fort Wilderness Campground at the Chip and Dale Campfire Sing-A-Long where the loveable chipmunks are there to interact with guests and your hosts leads you in fun campfire songs. You have to bring or purchase your own s’mores fixin’s, but the events themselves are free!

10. Ghirardelli Samples

Ghirardelli in Disney Springs gives away a full size chocolate square to each guest. You can go in with the whole family and each of you get a nice treat of whatever flavor they are giving away that day. We have used this as a reward for the kiddos and skipped dessert. Saved us money at dinner and the kids still got a sweet treat!

9. Goofy’s Candy Company Samples

We all love candy and sweet treats, right? Well at Goofy’s Candy Company, you can sample and taste the slushie flavors at no charge. Instead of spending money on getting the kids (or yourself) a big sugary drink, you can all still sample without feeling deprived. They are super tasty, too!

8. Disney Transportation

Disney Transportation is unlike transportation anywhere else. You have the boats, buses, monorail, and even the Disney Skyliner. These are rides for the whole family all in themselves that you can enjoy without paying park admission. You get to enjoy seeing more of the sights and what Disney has to offer without ever stepping foot inside a park. If you take the Epcot monorail, you can actually see more of the inside the park as you circle through, too. Take the Skyliner for incredible behind the scene views.

7. Trading Cards

Most of the transportation cast carry trading cards that you can collect. If you ask a transportation cast member, they will give you one of the cards. You can make it a game to see how many you can collect. These make a really fun souvenir, and best of all, they are free!


6. Celebration Buttons

You can still get these without going into one of the parks. You can get them from one of the resorts or from Guest Relations at Disney Springs. You can get buttons for just about every occasion, and even get one for everyone in the family. This is another great souvenir to commemorate your trip and let everyone know that you went to Disney.

5. Stickers Galore

If you talk to just about any cast member at the resorts, Disney Springs, the Boardwalk, transportation, etc., there is a good chance that they have stickers handy. They will happily give you Mickey stickers that you could use for your scrapbooking, wear on your shirt or bag, or find many other creative uses for these popular Mickey stickers.

4. Resort Tours

Why not take a self-guided tour at one or all of the Disney resorts. The resorts are amazing all on their own, even without the hustle and bustle of the parks. They are even more amazing if you visit during the holidays and can see all of the different decorations. There is no charge to explore the resorts, so go for it. Walk the trails, the grounds, the shops, etc. There is so much to see and do at each resort, and you may stumble across a few other free activities and cast interactions along the way.

3. Visit the Ponies

The official ponies and horses of Disney World live at Tri-Circle D Ranch at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. You can go over and look through the ranch and stables and see the horses for no charge. You may have to take the boat over from the Magic Kingdom (you won’t have to enter the park) since parking at Fort Wilderness can be limited.

2. Boardwalk Performers

Disney’s Boardwalk is a great place to walk around and explore. You can drive there or get their via Disney boat or bus transportation. The Boardwalk has performers and entertainment just like you would expect to see at any boardwalk, and they are a lot of fun. This is a little something different and relaxing to enjoy for the whole family.

1. Firework / Water Parade Viewings

You don’t have to be inside the park in able to see the fireworks, especially at Magic Kingdom. You can view the fireworks from the Ticket and Transportation Center or one of the Magic Kingdom resorts. At many of the locations the music is piped in so that you are still able to hear the music that is accompanying the show. There are also far less crowds this way, too. The Electrical Water Parade is another free evening show that is actually best viewed outside of the parks from similar resort locations. You still get to be a part of amazing Disney magic from outside of the parks.

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