12 Things That Annoy True Walt Disney World Fans

There’s no real way to know exactly how many Disney fans are alive and well on planet Earth at this very moment. In 2016 alone, 110 million people visited one or more Disney theme parks and resorts (excluding Aulani Resort and Spa). But there are far more Disney fans in the world than just those who visit the parks. What’s not to love about Disney, Disney World, Disneyland and Walt himself? And who doesn’t get excited when they see our beloved Mickey, when they hear the story of how Disney World came to be and when they’re headed to one of the Disney parks?



Apparently—though it’s hard to believe—there are people on Earth who aren’t Disney fans. They don’t get it. They don’t understand how anyone could be so in love with something entirely based on fantasy, animation and dreams. They just don’t get it. And I don’t get them. In fact, there are some things that really annoy the Disney fan in me and the Disney fan in others all the world over—those things that just grate on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard. And I bet they annoy you too!

I could list many things that annoy those of us who are diehard Disney fans, but since you might be reading this during your lunch break or while your baby is napping, I’ll list only twelve.

12. “You’re going again?”

Um, yes, I’m going again. To Disney World. With my family. And not because we have to. Why do people have a problem with fans frequenting the parks? If you’ll pardon the phrase, it’s no skin off their noses for me to head to the parks, right? I intend to pay for my own visit. Don’t you? Non-Disney fans often look at a vacation to the parks in the same way some people view movies—you’ve seen it once; why see it again? But Disney fans know that unlike watching the same movie over and over again, where the story and ending are always the same, returning to the parks year after year promises a new experience every time.

So, yes, I am going again. And again. And again.

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11. People wearing Harry Potter shirts at Walt Disney World

Yes, you can be a Disney fan and a Harry Potter fan simultaneously. But it’s just super annoying to see people wearing Hogwarts gear at Magic Kingdom. Save that outfit for a day at Universal. Please, respect the Mouse.

10. Pushy Guests

Literally, pushy Guests—the ones who act as if there’s not enough Disney to go around—are super annoying. Have you ever stood in the crowd outside Magic Kingdom gates waiting to board the ferry when the monorail is not in operation? If so, you know the pandemonium that ensues when the gates are opened to allow Guests to begin boarding. Hold on to your kids, your stroller and your backpacks because there are always Guests in that crowd who physically push their way to the front of the group. Apparently they don’t realize just how many Guests those ferries can accommodate.

9. Using the terms “Disney World” and “Disneyland” interchangeably

Disney Parks 101: Disney World is in Florida. Disneyland is in California. Disneyland has two parks. Disney World has four theme parks and two water parks. The entire Disney World Resort encompasses about 30,000 acres, approximately 35% of which has been developed thus far, which calculates to over 10,000 acres. Disneyland, on the other hand, sits on less than 100 acres.

That’s not to say that one park is better than the other. I happen to have a bias toward Disney World, but other Disney fans lean more toward Disneyland. The point is that for every way in which the two resorts are alike, there are two or three ways in which they are different. It’s annoying when people talk about the two resorts as if they are one and the same because they are not.

8. Photo ops that stop foot traffic in the parks

It’s possible that more photos are taken at Walt Disney World than at any other vacation destination, and for good reason. There are any number of gorgeous backdrops at Disney, from Cinderella Castle to any structure in Tommorowland to the savanna at Animal Kingdom. And there are no rules at Disney World against taking photos all around the parks. But there really should be a rule about stopping to take photos in the middle of a main thoroughfare in the parks. Other families are heading to their next FastPass+ time too, and it’s just plain rude to stop in front of people, thus causing a major human traffic jam. Take all the pics you want, but step to the side to do so, or at least look behind you first. It’s just common courtesy.

Side note: Also annoying are those Guests who seem to want to re-enact the scene from The Wizard of Oz during which Dorothy, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man walk arm-in-arm toward the Emerald City. Please, please, please stop walking through the parks, 8-people-wide, and not allowing others to move past you to their destination in the park.

7. A lack of respect for Walt’s genius

To a Disney superfan, it’s annoying to hear a non-fan talk about the person of Walt Disney as if he were nothing special—just another entrepreneur in a land of opportunity who just got lucky and made it big. In fact, that kind of talk about Walt can send a Disney fan into orbit because to the ear of the Disney fan, that kind of talk might as well be profanity.

6. Guests who opt out on deodorant in the parks

Imagine yourself in a crowded elevator inside the Empire State Building. Now imagine you and the crowd are taking the elevator all the way to the topmost floor. Now imagine that there has been a statewide shortage of deodorant across New York, but you still have some left from the last time you stocked up. If you can visualize that, you’ve gotten a tiny snapshot of what it feels and smells like in June in the parks when you’re waiting in a crowded stand-by queue with fellow Guests who don’t remember their deodorant. Ick. Not only is it annoying, but it’s really unpleasant.

5. The under-appreciation of EPCOT

Even some Disney fans are guilty of this indiscretion. Look on blogs, websites, Yahoo answers, etc., and if you do enough looking, you’ll inevitably find a curious someone out there who has found herself in a quagmire. It usually reads something like this: “Hi. We are only going to be at Disney for three days. Which park should I skip?” Scroll down a bit, and you’ll find more than one response that states simply, “EPCOT.” But EPCOT is fascinating. And no, I never tire of Spaceship Earth. Do you know its background, how it came to be, and structurally what went into having an attraction encased in a giant sphere? It’s phenomenal! And yes, I realize the same countries have been on the Showcase for ions, but the pavilions are constantly evolving to remain exciting, enticing and interactive. So let’s all take a moment and say “Thank you, EPCOT.”

4. “Disney is just for kids!”

This is by far one of the most annoying statements non-fans can make to a Disney World fanatic. It is also a declaration that the person has never, ever been to the parks. Because even if he is not a Disney fan, had he ever visited Disney, he’d know that it’s certainly not just for kids.

3. Loud, complaining and otherwise obnoxious Guests

You know the type. You’re at Disney World with your loved ones and, as usual, you’re having the time of your lives, making new memories, laughing and being truly joyful about the fact that you’re at Disney World. Enter the loud Guest who makes it everyone else’s business that she and her husband are having a disagreement. Or what about the Guest who isn’t necessarily being loud, but he is complaining about the heat, the crowds, starting every sentence with, “What Disney needs to do is….” Yeah, annoying. Please be considerate. You may be cranky and not enjoying yourself, but the vast majority of us at the parks are having a blast. And we’re thrilled to be there. It’s kind of hard not to be.

2. People who compare Disney World to Universal, and vice versa

This is ten times worse than hearing people talk about Disney World and Disneyland as though they are interchangeable. Disney is Disney. Universal is Universal. And nobody else is Disney. There truly is no comparison. There aren’t words to describe the phenomenon Guests experience when they visit Disney World. It truly is a world unto itself where all your cares are gone, and you feel joyful, free and like a kid again. And if you’re a non-Disney fan comparing the two competitors and finding more pros on your list under the “Universal” heading, then that’s probably the ticket you should have purchased. Please don’t be negative about Disney at Disney.

1. Participating in the urban legend about Walt’s posthumous placement

I’ll keep this one short and to the point. Walt Disney is not currently being held in cryogenic suspension. His body has never been held in cryogenic suspension. And it will not ever be. That’s because on December 17, 1966, Disney’s remains were cremated and later interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. It’s really disrespectful to speak untruth about anyone, especially those who have passed on.

If you’re reading this, my hope is that you’re already a Disney fan, or that you’re looking to join the club. We welcome you! And now, Disney fans unite—what annoys you as a Disney fanatic? Have I touched on some of those things? And to leave things on a positive note—what part of being a Disney fan is your favorite? Mine too.

About Rebekah Tyndall Burkett

Rebekah grew up in Forney, Texas and lives just outside of Dallas. She’s been a Disney superfan since childhood, experiencing the magic at Walt Disney World for the first time at the age of 11. Journeys to Neverland are at least a yearly occurrence for her, her husband and her four children (the Fab Four). When they go to the parks, they stay in Florida for three weeks at a time. Rebekah loves exploring the history of the parks, the genius behind the Magic in the person of Walt Disney, and she is intrigued by all things Disney World and Disney Imagineering. When in the parks, Rebekah and her husband Scott make the most of their time by enjoying every minute with their Fab Four, by delving deeper into Walt’s vision for the parks and into the history behind the Walt Disney World Resort, and by photographing the many different types of architecture at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and on the World Showcase at EPCOT. When she’s not in the parks, Rebekah is excitedly setting travel dates and planning her family’s next adventure to their happy place deep within the Sunshine State. On breaks from planning her next trip, Rebekah is a writer, journalist and children’s author, penning children’s books about kids with special needs that she affectionately calls “believement-achievement” stories. Her hobbies include creative writing, paper crafting and interviewing Imagineers. She is also an advocate for Autism Awareness and for children with developmental disabilities of all kinds.