14 Things You Might Not Know About Epcot

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Of the four theme parks in Walt Disney World, Epcot is the most unique in that it combines two different sections of the part to form an eclectic whole. Future World combines nature and technology to show how people have progressed over the years and can continue to thrive by taking care of the environment. World Showcase features eleven different countries rich in culture, details, and architecture which allow guests to feel as though they have traveled the world without leaving the park. With so much to do and see in Epcot, there are some details and things that can be overlooked by guests. Here are fourteen things that guests might not know about Epcot.


14. Epcot’s Meaning –

The unique name Epcot is known to many, but a lot of guests might not know what it stands for. Walt Disney came up with the term Epcot as an abbreviation for his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Disney envisioned a futuristic community in which people would actually live and work. While that particular version never came to be, the ideal and spirit behind the project became the park guests can enjoy today.

13. Spaceship Earth’s Name –

Of all the attractions in Walt Disney World, Spaceship Earth has one of the most unique names and it is all thanks to Buckminster Fuller. Fuller was an architect and inventor who coined the term Spaceship Earth in reference to our planet. Little did he know that his term would inspire a grand and miraculous attraction in Epcot!

12. Panels Galore –

Spaceship Earth is covered in geometric triangular panels which are properly known as tetrahedrons. These panels lock together to form a futuristic pattern on the outside of the sphere and many guests don’t realize that there are eleven thousand three hundred and twenty four individual panels.

11. Combining Water –

The Fountain of Nations is one of the most peaceful and relaxing spots in all of Epcot and several times an hour guests can enjoy a dancing water show set to a sweeping score. Many guests don’t realize that the fountain is special in that it was dedicated with a ceremony in which water from twenty five different locations around the world were poured in. This global unification adds a special layer of detail to the beautiful fountain.

10. Lettuce Art –

Many guests enjoy cruising along on Living with the Land and taking in the beautiful greenhouses which continuously grow fruits and vegetables served in restaurants throughout Walt Disney World. While passing between two massive tables upon which heads of lettuce are growing, many guests don’t realize that the lettuce is arranged to form art work! Guests can often spy the Epcot logo or a Hidden Mickey comprised of lettuce.


9. Presidents in Space –

Spaceship Earth features dozens of Audio Animatronics, so when the attraction was being built it made sense to reuse some of the facial molds already created for previously existing attractions. Many of the molds that were reused came from the Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom. Guests can spy Teddy Roosevelt as a Roman, James Buchanan as Gutenberg, and William Taft as an Egyptian.

8. Morocco’s Details –

The Morocco Pavilion in World Showcase is one of the most intricately themed and detailed area of the park thank to a labor force that many guests might not know about. When the area was being constructed, King Hassan II sent his own craftsman to add details and carvings to the area so that it would feel as authentic as possible.

7. 82’s Tribute –

Epcot opened on October 1, 1982 and sharp eyed guests can spot the number repeated in small details throughout the park. One of the best tributes paying homage to the date can be found on Living with the Land. While passing by a farm house, guests can spy the number 82 on the mailbox.

6. Germany’s Saint –

The Germany Pavilion features a courtyard and tall statue that are charming and make guests feel as though they are actually in Europe. Many guests don’t realize that the figure on top of the large podium in the center of the courtyard is actually a German legend. The figure is a representation of Saint George, who in legend slayed a dragon to protect a princess and can be found in most German towns as protection.

5. Hidden Drawbridge –

While walking through World Showcase, many guests don’t realize that they pass over a hidden drawbridge near the African Outpost! This drawbridge blends in seamlessly with the rest of the walkway and is only raised once a day to move the massive globe featured in Illuminations: Reflections of Earth into World Showcase Lagoon.

4. Missing Narrator –

The American Adventure is a patriotic favorite of many guests, but mot don’t realize that there was originally supposed to be a third narrator. Currently the attraction features Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain as hosts, but it was rumored that Will Rogers was considered to be the third narrator. Ultimately, it was decided that three is a crowd and guests can enjoy watching the duo of Franklin and Twain.

3. Mini Eiffel –

The atmosphere in France is so charming and realistic that many guests feel as though they are strolling through the streets of Paris, complete with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Guests might not realize that the Tower seems so realistic because it was constructed at one tenth the real size using the original blueprints from Gustave Eiffel.

2. Second Entrance –

While there is the main gate in the front of Epcot in Future World, some guests might not realize that there is another way to enter and exit the park. Located in World Showcase between France and the United Kingdom, there is a small gateway which is easily accessible by guests staying at The Boardwalk Resort, Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, or Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

1. French Costumes –

While Cast Members throughout Walt Disney World all have unique costumes depending on where they work, the Cast Members in France have a special inspiration. The female French Cast Member costumes were inspired by an outfit seem in Edouard Manet’s painting A Bar at the Folies-Bergere.

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