4 Disney Attractions You Should See Before They Are Gone

Christy Caby

The thought that beloved attractions may not be there the next time you visit is a sad thing for many of us.  Typically we all naturally don’t like change.  We get comfortable with attractions and build emotional connections with these rides and shows, and take it for granted that they will be there every time we are on property.  Sadly, we do have to make room for bigger and (hopefully) better things.  Here are 4 Disney attractions that may be in danger that you should see before they are gone:


4. Captain EO, Epcot

If you are a Michael Jackson fan, just enjoy Disney shows and the way that they incorporate other elements into their shows or you are a fan of the show and love it for nostalgic reasons, then you should check this one.  This one is highly rumored to be on the chopping block in the near future, and has already been removed a couple times to make way for other attractions.  This is a theater experience where the movement of the theater syncs with the show to create an immersive experience.  The show is also in 3D, so glasses are provided.  There are also other celebrities and lots of music and dancing!

3. One Man’s Dream, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This attraction is definitely on the chopping block, and many fans are sad to see it go.  This experience pays homage to the creator of all things Disney, Mr. Walt Disney.  There are various models and artifacts from Walt’s amazing career and the path to how he fulfilled his dreams.  This attraction must be closed in order to make room for the new attractions/lands that are coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There are several rumors about what will occur with the artifacts from the attraction, but hopefully we will get to see them again!  Head over and see it before it’s gone, this is one that reminds you of all of the love, hard work and passion that went into creating the characters, movies and theme parks that we love.

2. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is another attraction rumored to be part of the fallout for the new expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  It is rumored to be replaced with an Indiana Jones ride, so we may not lose an Indiana Jones presence all together.  It seems that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is trying to provide more rides and get away from the “studios” side of things, so the nature of this show doesn’t make sense as they are reimaging the park.  This attraction does have a large number of fans that come time after time to see how Indiana Jones is able to complete the amazing stunts to film the action scenes you see in the movies.  If you are an Indy fan, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to see this one.


1. Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

If you are a Christmas nut like me, then this one hurts a little bit!  It was formally announced that the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights will be displayed for the 2015 holiday season for its last year.  The lights are choreographed to “dance” to the beat of family favorite holiday songs.  It is currently held in the Streets of America in the back of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where there is also “snow” that really makes you feel like you are getting a true Christmas experience in the middle of Florida.  There are several rumors (and pleas) that the lights may reappear in other areas, but nothing announced at this time.  We can only hope!  You definitely have to make it out to see these while you can!

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