5 Attractions We Wish Walt Disney World Would Add

Alice United Kingdom Pavilion
Credit: DisneyDining

Walt Disney World is known for its classic attractions, but many guests love the parks because they are constantly evolving. Walt Disney world needs to stay fresh to bring back repeat visitors and compete against the other theme parks in the area. Here are 5 attractions we wish Disney would add to the theme parks:


5. Another for-real roller coaster –

We understand that for the most part, Disney is trying to have attractions that can be enjoyed by all ages. They have done a great job with rides like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, as these are really fun for adults and can be enjoyed by kids as well. However, we would love to see Disney add one more ride like the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios. Sure, Slinky Dog Roller Coaster is on the way in… but we are hoping in the future for another intense, “for real” coaster. Another ride like Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster would help to convince adults without kids that Disney is a park that they can enjoy too. Maybe the Tron attraction coming to Magic Kingdom will be a thrilling one!

4. An Alice in Wonderland Ride at the United Kingdom Pavilion –

Let’s be honest – World Showcase could use some help when it comes to rides. Mexico and Norway have always put forward strong showings in the ride department, but only having two ride options in World Showcase is a little disappointing. Some people may argue that World Showcase isn’t about rides, but as long as Disney makes sure that any ride fits with the country it is added to, it will work well. Our pick is an Alice in Wonderland ride at the United Kingdom Pavilion. Alice’s story has stood the test of time (as evidenced by recent movie versions of the story) and offers plenty of material for a ride, whether it is made with audio-animatronics or digital video. Of course, we are thrilled with the latest news that Epcot may be adding a Ratatouille-inspired attraction in the France Pavilion!

3. A Newsies live performance –

Newsies is a 1992 live-action Disney musical with amazing singing and dancing that attracted a cult following. In 2012, it made its Broadway debut and was loved by kids and adults alike. The show’s songs are catchy and the dancing is mesmerizing. One of the numbers from Newsies would make a great live performance on Main Street, USA in the Magic Kingdom or at Hollywood Studios.

2. An attraction using technology similar to the old Superstar Television –

One of the best things about Hollywood Studios has always been how it bridges the gap between the big screen and real life. From 1989 to 1998, Superstar Television used a green screen to superimpose guests into famous TV episodes. The attraction (sadly) closed in 1998, but this technology and concept could be used today in a new attraction. One of the challenges of Superstar Television was that only a few audience members could participate in each show, and the rest just got to watch. It would be cool if Disney used the same technology in a ride or attraction that let each guest see him/herself interact with the characters from their favorite TV show or movie.


1. A Mary Poppins ride –

Mary Poppins is one of the most-loved Disney classics and, while she makes some character greeting appearances, she doesn’t have her own ride. Mary Poppins won five Oscars and is still enjoyed by new viewers today. Rumor has it that there were plans for a Mary Poppins ride at the Magic Kingdom, but it was replaced with Peter Pan’s Flight. There are so many aspects of the movie that would translate into a really cool ride, including the laughing scene where Poppins and the Banks children laugh themselves into the air and Mary flying courtesy of her umbrella! With a sequel rumored to be coming out soon, this would be a great time for Disney to create a Mary Poppins attraction!

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