5 Reasons We Love The Jungle Cruise At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

The Jungle Cruise is located in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This attraction is a slow-moving boat attraction that takes you on a safari down the Nile river. You may think this is a serious attraction until you hear the first few jokes and realize that you are in for a lot of great entertainment. Here are 5 reasons why we absolutely love the Jungle Cruise:


5. The fun skippers with their corny jokes.

The skippers are definitely one of the things that we love most about this ride. The jokes are intentionally bad and you can’t help but give them a little bit of chuckle. The jokes are funny, literal takes on different sayings. The energy of the ride can be very different when you ride depending on which skipper they get and how they add their own unique style and spin to the ride each time, as well as the reactions from the guests around you. This one is definitely entertaining and always full of light-hearted fun.

4. It has a decent ride length.

When you have been doing a lot of walking in the hot sun, it is always nice to get to sit for a little bit. Not only that, when you get to sit in the shade with a little bit of a breeze, even better! This attraction has you seated in a covered boat. As you move through the water, you may get a little bit of breeze to help bool you off. The ride lasts a few minutes, so you can take a load off and enjoy your surroundings. The whole family is entertained and you get a break from off of your feet. I definitely call that a win-win situation during a busy Disney vacation!

3. The scenery is beautiful and fun.

The scenery really is gorgeous! The whole land of Adventureland is probably the most gorgeous of all the lands in Magic Kingdom, and everything about the Jungle Cruise fits so perfectly into the theme. You have lush greenery, beautiful trees and plants, all of the different animals and their homes and so much more. You even have a waterfall that you get to go under during the ride. It is beautiful and gives a very relaxing feel while you enjoy the attraction. This is definitely an attraction where I love to look around and look at all of the different details and surroundings no matter how many times I have ridden it.


2. The ride queue is also perfectly themed.

I always tell guests that they should take time to look around and pay attention to the little details when they are in ride queues at Walt Disney World. This is definitely still true when we talk about Jungle Cruise. While you are in the ride queue, you will notice that there are all kinds of fun things all over the barrels, walls and items that are in the queue. You can see fun stuff like what the skippers’ lunch menu is and other funny jokes throughout the line. You will even here overhead announcements that are perfectly themed with the attraction. We love all of these little details and that is part of what makes a perfect Disney attraction that you can’t find anywhere else. I do recommend that you get a FastPass+ for this one if you can, but if you find yourself without one and waiting in line, then at least you know that you will be entertained!

1. It is full of Disney nostalgia.

The Jungle Cruise is one of the attractions that first opened in Disneyland in California. Walt actually worked on this attraction and worked on the theme and details. The animatronics that are used are ones that Walt was around for the development and planning for. He had his vision for this attraction, and he brought it to life for guests to enjoy. While the Walt Disney World version of the attraction isn’t the one that Walt actually worked on it, it is still a beloved piece of Disney nostalgia and an attraction that is special for all of us Walt fans out there.

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