5 Hidden Gems In Magic Kingdom At Walt Disney World

There are so many secrets and hidden gems all of the Magic Kingdom. This goes beyond just the hidden Mickey’s (which there are many of, and amazing ones), but additional secrets that go into the details to provide the best guest experience, enhance the magic and prove why we all keep coming back to Walt Disney World time and time again. Here are 5 secrets in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World:

5. The tunnels do exist.

They definitely do. I have walked through them myself, which was definitely one of the highlights of being on the Disney College Program and getting to see behind the scenes. The tunnels run all over underneath the park so that supplies and cast members can make their appearance in the section of the park where they need to be, so that the magic is preserved from land to land. This is the ultimate example of well-thought planning when designing the park to ensure that the guest experience was completely protected.

4. Liberty Square holds many cool secrets.

Liberty Square is probably the most overlooked part of the park. It isn’t as eye catching and may not hold as many attractions as the other themed lands, but it does hold a lot of neat secrets. Take a minute to ride the Liberty Belle, the boat that picks up in Liberty Square. While on the boat, ask a cast member if you can visit the captain. They just may let you in to get a new perspective and neat opportunity, as well as a cool transportation card that you are unlikely to get anywhere else. Once you are back on land, look at the sidewalk. The different colored walkways represent the waste (yes, bathroom waste) that would have flown through the streets during this time period. So, watch where you step! Ha ha! When you are near the Hall of Presidents, look up. You will notice two lanterns on the second story window, that are a direct nod to the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem where it is stated, “One if by land, and two if by sea.”

3. There are levels of enhancing the guest experience you don’t even realize.

As if you haven’t already picked up on the fact that Disney goes to extreme lengths to protect their image as well as the guest experience, and they do this in ways that would go unnoticed because the experience is preserved so well. You may notice that there are colored walkways in each of the lands that seem to match the theme of the lands. Part of the reason for this is that Disney and Kodak did a study and found that colored walkways come out better in pictures than basic concrete colors, so Disney made sure to address this so that guest photos have every opportunity to be perfect. You may also notice that different lands smell a certain way or you may pick up on appealing scents, especially on Main Street. Well, that is because Disney uses smellitizers to give off the scent that they want you to pick up for the theme of the area you are in. Amazing!

2. Cinderella’s favorite horse.

Cinderella does in fact have a favorite horse that rides along on Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, located directly behind their castle. You will be able to identify the horse (that her father gave her before he passed) by the gold ribbon that is tied around his tail. If you are trying to find it quickly, look for the carriage (there is only one) and he is a few rows up from the carriage. Look for the gold around the tail, and you will know it is him! You will have to make a safe dash to grab him!

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1. Paint brush scavenger hunt on Tom Sawyer Island.

There used to be a paint brush scavenger hunt on Tom Sawyer Island! Tom needed the paint brushed to white wash the fence. Each day paint brushes would be hidden on the island, and if you found one of them and turned it into a cast member, you would get a nice little surprise. What, you ask? Well a Fast Pass that was good for any time during the day. Not a bad little reward, accompanied by the thrill of the hunt. This unfortunately has been discontinued, but we can always hope that they will bring back this fun event one day!

Bonus – Hidden Mickey on his birthday!

On Mickey’s birthday, November 18th, at noon, the sun is in the perfect spot to see a hidden Mickey appear in a specific location in the ride queue for Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid. This one is extremely difficult to catch and only lasts a few minutes right at the particular day and time, but what an amazing nod the imagineers made to our favorite mouse!

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