5 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love About Hidden Mickeys

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Part of what makes Walt Disney World such an amazing place to visit is the attention to detail found in each park. The insane level of detail designed and created by Imagineers transports guests to different places, times, and moments in history and immerses them in a story and theme depending on the area. Guests in the Magic Kingdom can feel as though they are in a world of fantasy, blasting off into space, and exploring the Wild West. Guests in Epcot can dive under the seas, blast into space, and travel the world in one day. Disney’s Hollywood Studios transports guests into the Twilight Zone and even through Star Wars Universe. Disney’s Animal Kingdom allows guests to celebrate nature by traveling into the Forbidden Mountain, another moon known as Pandora, and cross the African savanna. Found throughout each park, water park, Disney Resort, and Disney Springs are Hidden Mickeys amongst all of the incredible details. These Hidden Mickeys can be found in everything from décor and artwork to architecture and signs. Disney insiders especially love finding Hidden Mickeys while visiting Walt Disney World as they are virtually everywhere. Here are five things that Walt Disney World insiders love about Hidden Mickeys.


5. They’re Everywhere

Hidden Mickeys truly are everywhere throughout Walt Disney World. Nearly every attraction and dining location is home to at least one Hidden Mickey and guests love taking the time to explore and locate them no matter where they are. Hidden Mickeys can be a representation of Mickey himself or other Disney characters including Donald, Minnie, and Tinkerbell. With so many to find, guests are sure to be able to locate several nearby at any time on a Disney vacation.

4. The Range In Difficulty

Hidden Mickeys are, well, hidden. They are designed to blend into the area around them so that they don’t immediately jump out at guests. Part of the fun of Hidden Mickeys is taking a moment to spot them, and being too obvious would ruin the fun. That being said, Hidden Mickeys exist in a range of difficulties throughout Walt Disney World. Some are very easy to spot and are classic Hidden Mickeys meaning they are comprised of three circles to form a silhouette, and some are extremely difficult to find as they are more intricate and blended with their surroundings. The range in difficulty keeps guests of all ages entertained as there is a Hidden Mickey to spot for any age.

3. Using The Books

Disney insiders love having a little help when searching for Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World. Luckily many shops throughout the parks sell a book titled “Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets!” by Steven M. Barrett. This extensive guide to all of the Hidden Mickeys is broken down by park or area and includes one chapter on each that gives a vague description of where a Hidden Mickey is located followed by a second chapter that provides a bigger hint. By mapping out each Hidden Mickey and providing helpful hints for their locations, guests can easily spot as many as they wish to find without going too crazy or getting stuck!

2. Healthy Competition

Disney insiders also know the fun of a healthy competition. Whether it is seeing who can score the most points on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin or who can spin the fastest on the Mad Tea Party, a little competition makes everything fun. Hidden Mickeys are no exception, and Disney guests love seeing who in their party can spot the most Hidden Mickeys during their vacation. Steven M. Barrett’s book also helps guests keep track of who is the most successful Hidden Mickey finder by assigning point values based upon difficulty to each Hidden Mickey located throughout Walt Disney World. A little healthy Hidden Mikey competition is a great way to keep every guests entertained while on vacation.


1. Talking With Cast Members

Disney insiders love spending time talking to Cast Members who are always friendly, informative, and eager to speak to guests. Plenty of Cast Members love finding Hidden Mickeys just as much as guests do, and Disney insiders love spending a few moments talking to Cast Members about nearby Hidden Mickeys. Cast Members are always willing to give hints or help locate Hidden Mickeys that might be hard to spot like the Hidden Steamboat Willie near Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid in the Magic Kingdom. If a guest is ever stuck finding a Hidden Mickey, they should be sure to ask a Cast Member who will definitely help them out!

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