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50th Anniversary Pressed Pennies Now Available

Many things have changed at Walt Disney World through the years. Technology has advanced, and even merchandise at Walt Disney World has evolved.


When many think about back in the day, for some Guests pressed pennies were a simple keepsake that they could bring home. Even though things have moved forward, pressed pennies are still a collector’s item for Guests of all ages.


It is an inexpensive souvenir, and it’s still available all around the Walt Disney World Resort. There’s even a 50th Anniversary pressed penny. Lisa Mendillo shared more with Disney Parks Blog.


For almost 30 years, coin pressed pennies have been a classic, fun and inexpensive keepsake for guests at the Walt Disney World Resort. planDisney panelists are quick to recommend this tiny treasure as a souvenir for everyone in your party. But a warning – choosing just one of these pressed pennies featuring your favorite Disney character, story, attraction can be quite difficult and you will soon find yourself looking for them all!

Now, in honor of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration, you can even purchase special 50th Anniversary-themed pressed coins along with impressive medallions and unique tags.

planDisney Tip: Each keepsake depicts one of the characters in the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection or a Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary design and are available throughout the 18-month celebration.

“Our guests love to have unique and special takeaways, so these pennies are perfect for the celebration,” said Bob Opificius, Manager, Operations Experience Integration and one of the magical masterminds behind these collections. “Coin pressed pennies, medallions and tags are great for everyone from die-hard collectors to guests just having fun, bouncing around the Disney area collecting souvenirs.”

Along with these new designs comes a new generation of penny presses. That’s right, they’ve gone digital, making it even easier to find and use each machine!

“My brother loves collecting pressed pennies, and on our recent trip to the magic together, we loved finding new Coin Press Machine locations using our My Disney Experience Mobile app! To do this, please open up your My Disney Experience Mobile app and select the magnifying glass located on the bottom of the screen. Once you’re at the search bar, type in “Coin Press Machines” and select the option once it pops up. You can then select the “Find on Map” for machine locations all over Walt Disney World Resort!”  ~ Aena

The new machine designs are also easy to use, more reliable and best of all, there’s no need to search for the perfect shiny penny to use for your souvenir. Machines are now filled with brand-new, uncirculated pennies that will forever carry the design you choose. Equipped with a touch screen for easy navigation, the new penny press machines operate in six different languages and give guests the ability to select one, eight or even twelve different penny designs all at once for easy collecting.

Plus, they no longer require coins to enjoy. Every machine also accepts all credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Wallet, in addition to cash.

planDisney Tip: If you still love the hand crank experience, or love using your own pennies, don’t worry. Select locations still have original machines for your penny pressing experience. 

“It’s a great feeling to know our guests are so inspired to collect so many of the souvenirs we create here at Disney,” Bob said. “And that we’ve made it easier and more convenient for them to find that special treasure that makes their day so magical.”

How many can you find? Join in the fun and start collecting!

In keeping with our pressed penny theme, be sure to head on over to Casey’s Corner at Magic Kingdom Park and pick up the Pressed Penny Silk Pie. This chocolate tart shell is filled with silky chocolate and topped with sweet whipped cream and includes the only edible chocolate-pressed penny in the collection. This tasty treat is available throughout the 50th Anniversary celebration and pays homage to these favorite collectibles that have been available throughout Walt Disney World Resort history.



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