6 Best Reasons To Stay At A Walt Disney World Value Resort

6. Theming

Okay, so the theming at the value resorts may not be everyone’s favorite, but when compared to the non-Disney alternative of a budget style motel, the theming looks pretty good. The larger than life icons that add to the design of the value resorts are really eye catching, and actually make these resorts more unique than some of the others on property. While each of the value resorts tend to feel a bit more budget-like than the other Disney resorts, the theming adds some extra fun, and brings in some Disney magic to help you get out of that “budget hotel” mind set while you’re staying on property.


5. Ability to visit other resorts

One thing that some guests seem to overlook while booking Disney vacations is that you can actually visit the other resorts that you’re not staying at. If you book a room at a value resort, you can still enjoy the lobby and shops at the Grand Floridian without staying there. While certain amenities are reserved for resort guests, like use of the pool or fitness centers, you are free to wander around other resorts and use their lobbies, and shops. This adds to the value of staying in a value resort in that you pay less nightly for somewhere to sleep, but you can still enjoy some of what the more expensive resorts have to offer.

4. Location

While the value resorts might be a bit further away from the parks than the other more expensive resorts on Disney property, you have to remember that the only other more affordable alternative is to stay off property. If you’ve ever stayed off property before, you probably realize how much more convenient it is to already have been on property during other trips. And with the complimentary transportation from Disney, getting around from your value resort will be a breeze anyway.

3. Food Courts

Perhaps this is to be expected, as value resorts do not have any table service restaurants, but I generally find value resorts to have better quick service locations than the other tiers. I feel like the food courts at value resorts completely make up for the lack of table service options in that they have so many different menu items to offer on any given day, that there are actually way more options in terms of food than there would be if you went to a table service restaurant anyway. The food courts in value resorts are also conveniently located near the resort’s main pool, making it easy to grab a bite to eat and hang out by the pool while you’re taking a break from the parks.

2. Price

This might seem obvious, but one of the absolute best things about staying at a value resort is the price. While these resorts are always the cheapest of any of the Disney resort options, they do become even cheaper when certain special offers are available (just check the official Disney website for more information on those.) If you can find a special offer, for something like a percentage off of your resort bill, your stay at a value resort can become even cheaper, but saving up to $25/night on something that was only around $100/night to begin with. The special offers section of Disney’s website is definitely overlooked by a lot of people while they are booking trips, but as you can see, this section can be extremely useful in planning your next vacation at a value resort, especially if you’re looking for an easy way to save even more money off your hotel. Keep in mind when factoring in resort costs, Disney now charges $15 per night of your stay for parking at a Value Resort.


1. Value

The literal value of staying at a value resort cannot be beat. While there are definitely cheaper motels around the Orlando area, the benefits you receive by staying at a Disney resort make staying at a value resort instead well worth the difference. Every Disney resort guest, regardless of the tier of resort, receives complimentary transportation to and from the airport, and around the parks. In addition, Disney resort guests can participate in Extra Magic Hours, which is when the park either opens earlier or stays open later only for guests who are staying at Disney resorts.

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