6 Things You Will Love About Columbia Harbour House

Credit: Disney

Christy Caby
Columbia Harbour House is a unique quick service location in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom. While this may be a quick service location, it really is so much more than that. There is such detail, consideration and effort put into every aspect of the restaurant from the decor, the menu, the costumes, the bathrooms, etc. This is one that you definitely have to check out and here are the top 6 things you will love about Columbia Harbour House:


6. The location.

This quick-service location is located directly across from The Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square. It doesn’t typically feel to be as busy as other quick-service locations. It isn’t as obviously located as others, so you have to actually look for this one. This is a location where you feel like you can get a semi-relaxing break from the activity out in the streets.

5. The access to bathrooms.

Liberty Square doesn’t have stand-alone restrooms. The restaurant provides restrooms that will be less busy than most restaurants in the park. Sometimes it is the little things that can make all of the difference, especially when you are trying to get a little break from the busy aspects of a day in the parks.

4. The unique menu.

Columbia Harbour House gives you something different. This isn’t your usual theme park food, or the menu that you would expect to get from a quick service location. You have options like a hummus sandwich, tuna sandwich, lobster roll, salads, grilled salmon, fried shrimp plate, etc. You have to try the lobster roll. I have to get it every time we go because I love it that much. You’ll appreciate the different, quality options that the location has to offer.

3. The budget-friendly prices.

Most of the menu entree items are under $10, and nothing is over $13, making this location a very affordable spot that won’t break the budget, and still let you have a delicious meal. With prices that low, you can even splurge on dessert (and if you enjoy cobbler, you will want to!). This location is also on most Disney Dining Plans, so you are able to use this for a quick service entitlement if you are on the dining plan.

2. The second floor seating.

This location has a good amount of indoor, air conditioned seating. The best seating spot is the second floor. this location is unique in that you can sit downstairs or upstairs, and the upstairs location offers a neat view of The Haunted Mansion that you can only get from this location. The Haunted Mansion is my family’s favorite attraction, so that view while dining is amazing to us.


1. The atmosphere and theme.

The restaurant has a very New England theme and every detail has been considered. it is everything that I would imagine for a restaurant in New England, including fishing gear and other nautical components. The wooden walls and the huge ship wheel when you walk in are perfect details to complement the theme. It is beautiful and filled with the detail that we love about Disney.

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