6 Things You Will Love About Coral Reef At Walt Disney World


Coral Reef is one of the most unique dining experiences on property. There is no other restaurant at Disney where you get to experience all that Coral Reef has to offer. This is a restaurant that is fun and unique for the whole family, or is romantic and elegant for a date night or special occasion, which we have done both (a few times)! Here are the top 6 things that I know you will love about Coral Reef:


6. Dining with the fish

This unique dining experience provides you with a close up view of beautiful residents of the sea while you dine. Guests have been known to see stingrays, grouper, brown sharks, other tropical fish and, our favorite, the large sea turtle! The sea turtle moved up to the top for air during one of our meals there, which only happens a few times a day, so we got a great view of him and the underside of the shell. You can’t help but to keep watching the action when you are there.

5. The familiarity from popular TV shows

You might recognize this iconic restaurant from a couple popular TV shows. There was a scene from an episode of Full House that took place at the restaurant. There was also a scene from Boy Meets World where Sean and Corey were scuba diving in the tank. This restaurant is so unique and popular that it made a great place to film scenes for the episodes.

4. Scuba divers and events

You may be fortunate enough to witness scuba divers in the aquarium, or even the main mouse himself. There are wedding and proposal events that have taken place at the restaurant that other guest have been able to witness. I would LOVE to be there for an event when Mickey is scuba diving! You can scuba dive for yourself in this same aquarium through a the DiveQuest tour offered for an extra fee. Keep a watch out, you never know what you might see!

3. The atmosphere

The aquarium view is definitely awe-worthy, but we can’t forget to mention the detail and beauty that has been put into every aspect of the restaurant. There are hidden Mickey’s in the tile work, beautiful glass and the level of detail that Disney always does well. The lighting is done with an effect that leaves you feeling like you are under water. We feel transported undersea and it creates an atmosphere that is fun for families, yet also romantic for a date night.

2. The seafood

Part of me feels bad eating sea food right in front of their friends, but it is hard to go to a seafood restaurant and not enjoy the delicious offerings! The Seared Mahi Mahi is my absolute favorite and what I normally get each time we go. We are also huge fans of the crab dip appetizer as well. I like to think that our fish friends look away during that part, but it is so delicious!


1. Baileys and Jack Daniel’s Mousse

This is one of our absolute favorite desserts on property. It is extremely rich and decadent, but we can’t bring ourselves to share, because we have to have it to ourselves! You have layers of thick, custard with a layer of chocolate and Bailey’s and a layer of chocolate and Jack Daniel’s. It is dressed with chocolate candies and caramel on top. You don’t want to miss this one!

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