6 Things You Will Love About Garden Grill Restaurant At Walt Disney World

The Garden Grill is a truly unique and delicious experience, exclusive to this location. My family has dined here many times and will always keep coming back for more. Every aspect of the restaurant is well-thought and planned and successfully creates something unique for you and your family to enjoy time and time again. Here are the 6 things that you will love about Garden Grill:


6. The restaurant rotates

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about a fast spin, just a small almost unnoticeable spin while you dine. The rotation is almost unnoticeable as far as feeling it moving, but you notice the scenery changing as you make a full rotation around the restaurant. There is really no bad seat in the house since the view is always changing. It is the only restaurant on Disney property that does this, so it is a real treat.

5. The food is locally grown and sourced

All of the food that is served is locally sourced. The fish is always a sustainable option, usually farmed in the Land pavilion at Epcot. The vegetables served at the restaurant are also grown at the Land pavilion, so you get the freshest of foods and ingredients served to you during your meal. You can’t be the taste of a fresh meal, so you are in for a real treat with this one.

4. All you care to enjoy meal

The meal at Garden Grill is served family-style. You have the salad and bread course, the main course with sides and the dessert course. The offerings are brought out on platters to serve yourself as much as you like directly from your table and your server will bring you more of anything that you want, so don’t be shy! You will want to try to save room for the delicious cobbler dessert made with fresh berries! Every part of the meal is absolutely delicious. If you leave Garden Grill hungry, then you aren’t doing it right!

3. The fun character interactions

At this location, you will likely get to visit with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. They will be in farmer attire and proud of the freshly grown produce and fresh meals that are being offered to the guests. Everything is always a bit crazier when our favorite chipmunks are around, so expect a great time with fun antics. They all make their way around the room from table to table, so you get to enjoy your meal and the experience while they stop by your table. It makes for a relaxed and fun character experience.

2. Open for 3 meals a day

The restaurant used to only be in service for dinner services, but now the restaurant is open for business for all three meals. You get a different menu at breakfast than lunch or dinner. Lunch and dinner will be the same amazing meal, and lunch may be an opportunity to snag a reservation at the extremely popular location, and get a slightly smaller price. The characters will also be there for all 3 meals! It will be hard to make a choice for which meal service to try, so maybe try all 3!


1. Amazing location and atmosphere

This restaurant’s located in Epcot at The Land pavilion on the second floor. While the restaurant is rotating, you will encounter scenes from the very popular attraction, Living With the Land. You get to see the scenes from a different vantage point than on the attraction and an experience that is unlike anything else on property. It is a great place to enjoy the air conditioning and feel more relaxed than at other dining experiences. This restaurant really has it all.

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