6 Things You Will Love About Gaston’s Tavern At Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World is full of amazing places for guests to enjoy dining on everything from snacks to full service meals. The Magic Kingdom is no exception to great dining, and guests can munch on delicious options including Mickey shaped snacks like pretzels and ice cream bars and full service character meals with the Disney Princess and Winnie the Pooh and friends. A unique dining location that guests are sure to love can be found in New Fantasyland right next to Enchanted Tales with Belle. Gaston’s Tavern invites guests into the favorite haunt of villain Gaston from Disney’s animated classic film Beauty and the Beast. Gaston is the manliest man around the village and guests are sure to love the masculine décor, delicious food and drink options, and overall experience. Stopping in at Gaston’s Tavern is an absolute must do on any Walt Disney World vacation for guests. Here are six things that guests will love about Gaston’s Tavern!


6. The Fountain –

Just outside of Gaston’s Tavern is a massive fountain which draws guests into the location for a better look. The fountain portrays Gaston posing for his admirers with his trusty sidekick LeFou nearby. Scattered throughout the fountain are barrels and mugs similar to those which would traditionally be served in Gaston’s Tavern and there are intricate streams of water flowing from one mug to another. Guests who look closely will notice that the dedication plaque for the fountain is unique in that Gaston commissioned it as a gift for the village’s people!

5. The Décor –

Since Gaston is so masculine and woodsy, the interior of Gaston’s Tavern is decked out in details which perfectly capture his personality. Guests can enjoy dark wood beams, a massive stone fireplace underneath a portrait of Gaston, and plenty of antlers everywhere. The antlers are some of the most amazing details in the location as they have been uniquely crafted to make chandeliers, lights, frames, and hooks. Guests are sure to feel like Gaston will walk in at any moment while enjoying his tavern.

4. LeFou’s Brew –

One of the most popular items on the menu at Gaston’s Tavern is a beverage which can’t be found anywhere else in Walt Disney World. LeFou’s Brew is named after Gaston’s sidekick and features frozen apple juice with toasted marshmallow topped with a passion fruit and mango foam. With hunts of tart, sweet, and fruity LeFou’s Brew is a favorite of many guests and should definitely be tried at least once. Guests can also order up LeFou’s Brew in a souvenir cup and choose between a goblet or stein fit for Gaston himself.

3. Posing In The Massive Chair –

Right next to the large fireplace in Gaston’s Tavern is a piece of furniture which makes for a great photo opportunity. To the right hand side of the fireplace is a massive chair which is big enough for Gaston to comfortably relax in. Made of leather and adorned with a throw of fur on top and arms which resemble antlers, the chair is massive in comparison to the rest of the furniture in the room. Guests can have a seat and enjoy having their photos taken in this great photo opportunity in Gaston’s Tavern

2. Cinnamon Rolls –

A popular food item that guests love sampling while visiting Gaston’s Tavern is a warm Cinnamon Roll. With the perfect combination of sticky frosting, delicious cinnamon, and warm and flaky rolls of dough, guests are sure to absolutely love this snack! A warm Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s Tavern is a must try item in the Magic Kingdom on a Walt Disney World vacation.


1. The Food –

In addition to LeFou’s Brew and Cinnamon Rolls, Gaston’s Tavern serves up plenty of snack and entrée options to keep all guests satisfied. Enjoy the chocolate croissants, fruit and cheese picnic platter, ham and cheese stuffed pretzel, Enchanted Rose cupcake, vegetable cups with dip, sliced apples served with a delicious caramel sauce, and hummus and chips. In addition to the LeFou’s Brew, guests can sip on beverages including soda, juice, coffee, tea, milk, and hot chocolate. With so many amazing options to enjoy, it is no wonder why guests love stopping at Gaston’s Tavern in the Magic Kingdom on each Walt Disney World vacation!

About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane first started visiting Walt Disney World when she was two years old, and despite spending most of that trip quarantined with the chicken pox she managed to fall in love with the place. Visiting WDW every year since, she especially loves learning all about the history and small details of the parks and eating/drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival each fall. When she's not in Disney, Caitlin lives in New York and spends her time counting down the days to her next trip.