5 Tips And Tricks For Fantasmic At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

No day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is complete without a viewing of Fantasmic! the nighttime spectacular that takes guests into Mickey’s imagination where he battles the forces of evil to save the day. Featuring scenes and music from classic Disney movies including Pocahontas, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast, Fantasmic! combines live actors, pyrotechnics, lasers, dancing water, and projection to create one breathtaking show. Since the show is so incredible, it should be no surprise that it is super popular with guests and attracts a huge crowd for each showing. Here are five tips and tricks to make sure that your viewing of Fantasmic! is perfect!


5. Line Up Early –

Due to its popularity, Fantasmic! attracts some massive crowds for each showing. Despite the amphitheater being able to seats thousands of guests, on very crowded days in the parks some guess might get turned away when the theater reaches capacity. To make sure that this does not happen to you, be sure to line up outside of the theater entrance with your entire party at least ninety minutes before show time to guarantee seating.

4. You Might Get Wet –

One of the main effects in the show is the use of massive water cannons to create a mist on which animation is projected. This effect happens on and off throughout the entire show and creates a pretty large cloud of mist. Guests in the front section of the amphitheater may end up getting fairly wet depending on the wind and the direction the mist travels. Be prepared if you don’t want to get wet or if it is a chilly night by having a poncho on hand or opting to sit slightly further back in the theater.

3. Buy Snacks Ahead of Time –

Located in the back of the theater are concession stands selling snacks and drinks for families to enjoy while waiting for the show to begin. It is a smart move to purchase any snacks well before the show begins for several reasons. Once the show starts, the theater obviously becomes dark making it kind of hard to move around easily. The theater also becomes increasingly crowded as it gets closer to show time meaning longer lines, more people to get through to walk towards the concession stand, and also a harder time finding your seat again after purchasing snacks. With all of these things making it harder to buy snacks right before the show, it’s a good idea to stock up right as you enter the theater and before finding seats.

2. Book FastPasses–

For guests who want the best seats possible for a viewing of Fantasmic! they should opt to book a FastPass for a guaranteed seat in a designated viewing area. Guests who are staying on property at a Disney resort can book their passes up to sixty days in advance and guests who are staying elsewhere can book thirty days in advance. If a member of your party has their heart set on seeing Fantasmic!, booking a FastPass might be the easiest way to make sure that you have good seats.


1. Check the Weather –

Fantasmic! is performed in a massive theater with ample metal stadium seating and a large body of water on which many of the effects take place. When there is inclement weather and lightening, which there often is in Central Florida, Fantasmic! will either be postponed or cancelled for the safety of guests and performers. No one wants to spend over an hour waiting on line to secure great seats just to end up getting rained out. So be sure to check the weather forecast for the show time to be sure that there isn’t a chance of the show being cancelled.

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