6 Underrated Attractions At Walt Disney World’s Epcot

Impressions France
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Guests who vacation in Walt Disney World love to spend most of their time in the four theme parks enjoying unique attractions and experiences. Of the four theme parks, Epcot is a favorite of many guests as it combines two unique sections to form one amazing park. The front portion of Epcot is home to Future World where technology and nature are explored in new and innovating ways. The back of Epcot is World Showcase where eleven different countries from around the world come to life through beautiful pavilions filled with culture, entertainment, dining, attractions, and history. Together, Future World and World Showcase form an amazing park that guests love to spend time in. Epcot is home to plenty thrilling and popular attractions like Frozen Ever After, Soarin’, and Test Track, but it also has a fair share of less popular attractions which can be considered underrated. These underrated attractions may be less popular, but are still amazing in their own ways and should not be missed. Here are six underrated attractions at Walt Disney World’s Epcot that should not be skipped on a day in the park!


1.     The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Epcot is home to a pavilion titled The Seas with Nemo and Friends which houses an attraction of the same name. The Seas with Nemo and Friends invites guests to dive into the oceans and ride along in pink clam shell vehicles. The attraction explores the classic Pixar animated film Finding Nemo by recreating popular scenes like Bruce’s shark home, Marlin and Dory bouncing on jellyfish, and Crush cruising the East Australian Current. A highlight of the attraction comes at the end when favorite characters are animated with real aquariums in the background, making them truly look like part of the ocean. With plenty of beloved characters and a new song titled “Big Blue World,” guests are sure to love a ride on The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

2.     Journey into Imagination with Figment

Guests who are looking to tap into their imaginations should definitely plan on stopping by the Imagination Institute in Epcot’s Future World where a whimsical and entertaining attraction can be found. Journey into Imagination with Figment welcomes guests into the Imagination Institute’s open house which explores the five sense in unique ways. While the tour begins innocently, Figment the loveable purple dragon soon begins to interfere to showcase how imagination works best when it is set free. While Journey into Imagination with Figment is considered to be an underrated attraction in Epcot, it should definitely not be missed!

3.     Living with the Land

Many guests who enter into The Land Pavilion in Epcot’s Future World head straight for the lower level to enjoy a ride on the super popular Soarin’ Around the World. By doing so, guests pass right by an amazing attraction which is often overlooked and considered to be underrated. Living with the Land can also be found on the lower level of The Land Pavilion and brings guests on a serene boat ride that explore the diversity and sustainability of the land. Living with the Land first showcases different types of environments to examine how the land can successfully grow in different ways. Guests are then treated to a beautiful tour of massive greenhouses which are packed with all kinds of growing fruits, vegetables, and vegetation.

4.     American Adventure

World Showcase features eleven different pavilions each focused on a country from around the world, but the host pavilion can be found in the center of the area. The American Pavilion is the host country and is filled with patriotic details including a wonderful show that is sometimes overlooked by guests in Epcot. The American Adventure tells the story of the American people from the days of independence to current times. Told through artwork, portraits, music, audio-animatronics, and special effects, this attraction is one that should not be missed in Epcot!

5.     O Canada! 

Another amazing attraction that is found in World Showcase is considered to be underrated by many guests. O Canada! is found in the Canada Pavilion and shares the diversity and beauty of the country through breathtaking circle vision technology. Guests who enjoy the film can take in the splendor of Canada on massive overhead screens which surround them and make them truly feel as though they are exploring the country.


6.     Impressions de France

The final underrated attraction in Epcot can also be found in World Showcase in the France Pavilion. Housed in the Palais du Cinema, Impressions de France brings guests on a beautiful journey across France to showcase culture, art, diversity, beauty, architecture, and history. The film features beautiful scenes of some of France’s most famous locations like Versailles and Paris accompanied by the music of classical French composers like Debussy. Combining beautiful music with gorgeous scenes, Impressions de France should definitely not be skipped on a day in Epcot!

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