6 Underrated Attractions At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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There are so many attractions at the Magic Kingdom, that it is easy for guests to flock to some of the more popular attractions and breeze right past a few amazing attractions that aren’t the attention grabbers.  While I do love the lack of wait times and the quick turnaround to board these attractions, it is helpful to point them out so that other guests don’t miss out.  Here are 6 underrated attractions at the Magic Kingdom:


6. Mickey’s Philhar Magic

This attraction is absolutely amazing, and one that we love going to see a couple times on each of our Disney vacations, yet there never seems to be a line to get in.  You end up only waiting the amount of time that it takes for the next show to start.  The attraction is an amazing experience in a theater on a big screen.  The screen expands to be an extremely large immersive experience that is displayed in 3D.  There are also other effects to help you feel like you really are a part of the different scenes.  Donald Duck steals Mickey’s sorcerer hat and winds up in various favorite Disney movies on his quest to get it back.  It is adorable, full of favorite characters and definitely worth more hype than it gets.

5. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

This is one of the attractions that came over from Disneyland that Walt Disney worked on himself.  He was an integral part into making the attraction that we know and love.  There were a few years where the attraction had a bit of a different theme and overlay, but that has since been undone and the attraction restored to the original state.  You get to enjoy a seated show in the air conditioning while you are entertained by the birds, tiki gods, drummers, etc.  It’s a really catchy, fun show and is definitely one of the underrated attractions.  Anything that Walt Worked on holds a special place in the heart of Disney fans and deserves more attention.

4. Walt Disney World Railroad

There are so many guests that never even bother to get on the Walt Disney Railroad.  They figure that the railroad is just another means of transportation and not really a true attraction.  It is definitely an attraction to us.  You get to see parts of the Magic Kingdom that you can only see while riding on the railroad.  The route to get to the different stations is also perfectly themed to match the lands as you enter and exit them so that the magic is preserved throughout the entire attraction.  You can ride around and around without ever needing to get off, which makes it an awesome way to keep the kids entertained when they really want to ride something.

3. Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents is a really awesome attraction that is also extremely special.  The lobby for the attraction has the only replica of the Presidential seal.  It is the only replica that has been allowed, and was a true act of Congress to get the approval to add it to the attraction.  There are also various other real artifacts and collectibles from presidents through the years on display, too.  Once you enter the theater there is a show that talks through the presidential history and ends with the presentation of each president in order of election and a speech from the current president.  The show is very moving and powerful, and definitely one that shouldn’t be overlooked.


2. Country Bear Jamboree

This is another attraction that Walt Disney personally worked on.  That’s not all as it is also the last attraction that he worked on before he passed away.  He was working on the concepts and ideas for this attraction right before he passed.  The show is dated and the animatronics can be flaky at times, but the nostalgia definitely earns it the extra points and appreciation that it deserves.  The bear animatronics sing and perform various country songs that will keep your toes tapping during the show.  It is really is a lot of fun and my kiddos love it, even if it is showing its age.

1. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

This one is probably one of our favorites of the underrated attractions.  Walt Disney created this attraction to be on display at the World’s Fair.  It was an instant hit for its time, and helped Walt Disney learn more about animatronics and the direction that he wanted to go with them.  The attraction has 4 different scenes that are each in different eras and seasons.  The focus is on progress for the era and the new technology and conveniences from a particular era, as well as perspective on the attitude about various chores.  It is really neat to watch and really does give you an idea of what life in each of the eras might be like.

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