7 Amazing Disney Ride Tricks

7. Know which rides have photos.

If ride photos are your thing, make sure you know which rides have this option. You can check your hair or practice your best poses and faces while you wait to board so that you are ready for the photo! So many people get extremely creative with their poses, so learn the spot in the ride where the photo is taken and create a memorable photo (for the other people on your ride, too!). No selfies though, since selfie sticks are now banned from Disney rides! You’ll just have to settle for the ride photo options!

Bonus trick:

Book your FP+ as soon as possible.
Keep track of dates for your visit and reserve your FP+ options as soon as you can. The system changes to the next date at midnight, EST. Disney resort guests can reserve 60 days from the first day of their stay and non-resort guests can reserve 30 days in advance. Some of the popular attracts are gone QUICK.

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