7 Facts & Secrets About Test Track At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney Tips

As one of the top attractions in Epcot, Test Track gives guests the ability to virtually design and road test a customized car. As the vehicles speed by on the outside track, guests typically hear the thrilling attraction before they see it.  Test Track opened in Epcot in March of 1999, replacing the World of Motion attraction that was an original when Epcot first opened. The original version of Test Track showed guests how testing devices, including crash-test dummies, are used to measure the structure and safety of vehicles, followed by an exhilarating ride through various testing environments, complete with sharp curves, sudden stops, and a high-speed finale on the outside track. The attraction was redesigned, and in December 2012, the new version of Test Track was unveiled. The new and improved Test Track kept many of the fun ride elements, but added several surprises along the way.  Instead of the industrial theme, the lobby queue area now showcases concept cars with futuristic music, and guests transition from here into the design center to virtually create their vehicle.  Once the design is complete, guests move into the testing portion of the ride. This features neon light effects and a space-age vibe as your car zips through. Each car is tested in the areas of capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and power. It’s fun to see how your design scores against other guests’ vehicles in each of these categories. Once your ride is over and your heartbeat returns to normal, you can walk through a showroom of brand new Chevrolet vehicles and take a seat inside. Guests can virtually race their custom car, create a television commercial, and pose with their creation for a photo with several unique backdrops.


Test Track is still a wildly popular attraction, so reserving a FastPass is the best way to avoid a long wait. The single-rider line is a good option for a shorter wait too, as long as you don’t mind riding apart from the rest of your party.  Here are a few facts and secrets to tide you over until the next time you take a spin around the track.

1. Built to Last

Each simulation car travels about 50,000 miles each year. The vehicle is actually designed to last 1,000,000 miles.

2. High Gear

Test Track is the fastest attraction in both Epcot and Walt Disney World, reaching a top speed of 65 miles per hour in 8 seconds. The initial plans called for the vehicles to reach 95 mph on the outside track, but Florida’s speed limit and the banked curves meant that the speed had to be reduced. The ride itself lasts an impressive five minutes and 34 seconds.

3. End to End

The total length of the track measures 5,246 feet, with 2,600 feet of this located outside.  As your vehicle accelerates and you burst outside, your car is riding on a 50-degree angle around the main building. The track is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, which is important in the event of any potential hurricanes.

4. Sponsorship

The predecessor to Test Track, World of Motion, was sponsored by General Motors. When the revamped version of Test Track debuted in 2012, the sponsorship switched to Chevrolet, and only Chevrolet vehicles are now showcased. (General Motors is the parent company of Chevrolet).


5. High Tech

Each test vehicle has three onboard computer systems. Amazingly, this is more processing power than the Space Shuttle.

6. Stop and Go

Did you know that ride vehicle has six separate braking systems? The vehicles each move with 22 wheels, even though only four are visible to guests.

7. Rain Delay

Even though a large part of this attraction is inside, it will temporarily shut down if it rains or if lightning is detected within five miles.

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