7 Secrets Most People Don’t Know About Magic Bands at Walt Disney World

Christy Caby
Magic Bands are an amazing addition to the Disney family. These bands have become such an integral part of the Disney experience and are much more convenient that carrying around a card, or multiple cards in order to utilize the different features of your Disney vacation. Here are 7 secrets that most people don’t know about Magic Bands at Walt Disney World:


7. You can customize your band color/name.

After you book your resort stay, you can log into My Disney Experience and link your reservation. Once it is linked, you will be able to select your Magic Band options. Each person can choose their own color band and can pick what name or nickname they want to appear inside their band. This helps you tell the bands apart if some of you select the same color.

6. You can opt out of receiving additional bands.

Have a lot of Magic Bands? There is an option within the Magic Band selection where you can opt-out of receiving new Magic Bands and link your stay to existing Magic Bands. This is especially helpful if you bought or made a special Magic Band that you want to keep using. You don’t have to opt-out, of course. You can continue to collect all of the bands, it is just nice to have that option up front.

5. You can decorate your band.

You can decorate your band in so many ways. You can paint them, apply vinyl decals and stickers, add jewels and bedazzlements, etc. The sky is the limit. The bands seem to work just fine with paint and other items over them. The Mickey head part is the part that is touched to items in the park, so to be on the safe side, not putting thick stones over that part would be advisable, but many have reporting doing so and it working just fine.

4. They are your ticket to EVERYTHING.

And I do mean everything. Your Magic Band will get serve to be your entry to the Magical Express, your hotel room, park tickets, dining plan entitlements, shopping and charges back to your resort, FastPass+, Memory Maker, etc. I am sure that there will be many other uses for them in the future as they work hard to get recreational activities and other events linked to the systems. It is amazing how much the Magic Bands do and how simple it makes your vacation so you don’t have to carry anything else around with you.

3. You can protect your information if it is lost.

If you lose a Magic Band, you can quickly log into My Disney Experience from the mobile app or online and report the Magic Band as lost. This will prevent the Magic Band from being able to be used for any purpose until you reactivate it. Once found, the cast members will be able to determine who the Magic Band belongs to by scanning it and will be able to contact you to get your Magic Band back. This makes the process secure and seamless to protect your entitlements and spending.


2. You can buy other bands or design your own.

There are many different Magic Bands all throughout the parks themed after various movies, rides, shows and characters. There are also limited edition Magic Bands for select events that you can purchase. Many of these Magic Bands will create special sounds and effects when you use them at FastPass+ locations, which is really neat. There is also a location at Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom where you can completely customize your own Magic Band so that you get the band color and design of your choice. The Magic Bands truly become a souvenir and keepsake from your trip that you get to show your own personality with.

1. They are sizeable to various wrist sizes, even toddlers.

The Magic Bands have numerous size holes so that you can fit it comfortable to your wrist based on how you like to wear them. The Magic Bands are also designed to where you can peel off part of the exterior of the Magic Band to make it much smaller so that is I more fitting to smaller children’s wrists. It was ingenious design and really makes the Magic Bands suitable to all sizes and ages.

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