7 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Your Disney Vacation

Elsa and Anna

6. Failure to Plan Your Wardrobe for the Weather:

It makes for a much better experience when you have comfortable, breathable clothes to wear in the parks and comfortable shoes.  The temperatures can get extremely hot, well into the upper 90’s.  You will want clothes that you will be the most comfortable in, in these elements.  Dress clothes, overly tight clothes or lots of layers may not be comfortable in the parks.  That being said, some months can get chilly when guests would expect it to be warm.  Do your homework and check the expected weather.  It may be a time when you want to bring a light hoodie or pants in case there is a cooler day.  Shoes are probably the most important item to plan.  You will want comfortable shoes with good support.  Strappy sandals, flip flops, dress shoes, heels, etc. may present comfort problems, cause blisters and even cause aches and pains that can make the rest of your trip miserable.  Plan ahead and get more out of your vacation!

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