7 Sure-Fire Ways to Ruin Your Disney Vacation

7. Sweating the Small Stuff:

What they say is true, attitude is everything!  If you set yourself up for unreasonable expectations or expect too much out of your vacation, you set yourself up to fail.  Keep a positive attitude and take joy in the little things that make Disney the vacation destination that everyone raves about.  Don’t let yourself get upset or angered over things that you don’t have control over, or that don’t matter in the grand scheme of your vacation.  There will be various frustrations on your vacation, as there is with any vacation, but do your best to focus on the positives so that you keep spirits high for your entire family.  If one person is angry or upset, it affects the rest of the family, and you want to have the best trip ever!  When stress or disruption happens, take a deep breath and put everything in perspective.  If you’re like me, you can practice a little retail therapy.  There are plenty of stores to pick from!

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