7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love about Disney Springs

Christy Caby

Disney Springs is continually growing, and we couldn’t be happier. There was already a huge amount of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences to enjoy with your family, and they just keep making it better and better. I don’t think that Disney Springs will ever be “finished”, which is great news since we always love new and different things to see. Here are 7 things that Walt Disney World insiders love about Disney Springs:


7. No admission fees required.

That’s right. You don’t have to pay admission to get into Disney Springs. This makes Disney Springs a perfect place to enjoy when you don’t have park tickets, but still want to get out and about to look around and enjoy more of what the Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. It is really nice that you don’t have to pay admission, but there is still enough to keep you busy a couple days and you still wouldn’t be able to experience it all.

6. The many restaurant options.

The amount of dining options at Disney Springs it unbelievable. There are food trucks, quick-service locations, snack stands, ice cream and treats, Goofy’s Candy Company and many table-service restaurants of varying price levels and cuisines. It would take you weeks to be able to eat at every place in Disney Springs, let alone actually try all of the unique options that each menu holds. It is always exciting to know that you can always find something delicious to eat, to meet any budget, while getting to try something new or experience your favorite cuisine.

5. Unique combination of stores.

Disney Springs is full of numerous stores and they are still adding many more. You have a hat shop, super hero store, the Lego store, Basin for your bath products, a specialty shaving store… and the list just keeps going on and on. You even have Disney product-focused stores so that you can also get your favorite Disney merchandise. World of Disney is the biggest store on Disney property, selling all Disney merchandise, some of which is also sold in the parks. You can definitely shop ‘til you drop if you are shopping at Disney Springs!

4. Different than the park experience.

The theme parks are amazing, but you may want a little break from that during your vacation, which is OK! Disney Springs is a nice place to be a little more relaxed, so you can spend time browsing and looking around as opposed to being focused on hurrying to the next line. There is still a lot to do and see, but since you are moving at your own pace, it feels more relaxed. We always love planning one of these days in the middle of our vacation to recharge a bit while still feeling like we are getting the Disney experience.


3. The performers.

As you walk from shop to shop within Disney Springs, you will notice the abundance of street performers. You may walk past a saxophone player who is playing popular hip-hop tunes, then a rock band, then upon a 3-piece orchestra, followed by a DJ having a dance party. There is something that will peak everyone’s interest and one of the most diverse groupings of performers. The sets are exciting and are among the most talented individuals. Take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the performers. You will be glad that you did!

2. Unique opportunities to experience classic entertainment.

When you think of Disney World, you probably first thing of rides, shows and fireworks. Those are all amazing and definitely part of the experience, but there are also some other really cool things to do that are even more special when you get to do them at Disney World. Disney Springs has a retro bowling alley, Splitsville, where you can enjoy one of the most pristine and classic-looking bowling alleys you have ever seen. There are also food and bar areas with top-notch offerings. You may also find yourself wanting a little quiet time to relax and enjoy a movie. Well, the AMC Theater in Disney Springs has you covered there. Maybe a hot air balloon ride would strike your fancy, well Characters in Flight is available to take you 400 feet in the air so you can get the best view of all of Disney Springs and much of Walt Disney World. These are unique opportunities that you may not have realized could be part of a Disney vacation and give you more opportunities to create magical memories with your family.

1. Disney magic and theming.

Even though you aren’t in the parks doesn’t mean that you can’t be surrounded by Disney magic and the Disney experience. Disney Parks & Resorts are putting a lot of effort into making Disney Springs the best shopping, eating and entertainment district you have ever experienced. This still includes the touches and level of detail that Disney has perfected to make you feel like you truly have been transported to their rendition of Disney Springs.

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