7 Things You Will Love About Epcot’s Future World In Walt Disney World

Future World at Epcot is an amazing mix of various aspects of the world. You get the land, seas, technology, imagination, energy, space travel, etc. It is a wonderful group of adventure and excitement to learn more about in every attraction and interactive feature. There are so many wonderful things to enjoy, but here are the top 7 things that you will love most about Epcot’s Future World in Walt Disney World:


7. Spaceship Earth

This is the first attraction that you encounter as soon as you enter Epcot. Spaceship Earth is a slow-moving attraction inside of the Epcot ball, the icon for the entire park. The attraction goes through the history of learning and technology throughout all of history and how history progressed. It has an amazing view from the top of the attraction before you make your way back down to “Earth”. The ride also has an interactive component where you get to see what your life may be like in the future based on your interests. The ride is great for all ages and is a lot of fun. It’s one of our favorites and is a really entertaining, comfortable way to beat the heat for a little while!

6. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

This is an amazing pavilion with one of the most amazing aquariums. The Seas is home to sharks, dolphins, manatees and numerous other beautiful aquatic friends. You get the opportunity to see them amongst beautiful man-made coral reefs and learn more about their environment and how to protect it. The pavilion also has different attractions. One is a slow, continuous-moving ride themed around Finding Nemo. The other major attraction is an interactive show, Turtle Talk with Crush (also from Finding Nemo). There is so much to do and experience, so make sure that you explore and see it all! The aquatic world is extremely beautiful and interesting, and Disney knows how to make it even more fun. They also provide different experiences that you can experience for an extra charge and actually scuba-dive in the tanks with the animals!

5. Imagination Pavilion

This is another fun, interactive pavilion. There is the Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival that takes place in the theater at the pavilion where guests experience popular Disney and Pixar short films in 4D! The pavilion also features Journey into Imagination with Figment at the Imagination Institute. Figment is a Disney fan favorite character. He puts you in touch with your imagination and teaches you that it is OK to think outside of the box. At the end of the attraction you exit through a really innovative and interactive area with various games. There are memory games, music games, games where you move your arms to control instruments playing and the speed, interaction through stepping on lit up squares, etc. You can even send a postcard to yourself or your family. It is a lot of fun for kids and adults of all ages and extremely unique.


4. The Gardens

Epcot is known for its lush greenery, shrubs, flowers and topiaries. When you walk throughout the park, it is common to see topiaries in the shape of popular Disney characters particularly during the Flower and Garden Festival. You will also find many relaxing areas to stop and enjoy the scenery and perfectly manicured gardens with their flora/fauna. The Flower and Garden festival takes this to a whole different level when it is going on and transforms Epcot into one of the most beautiful places that you have ever seen.

3. Garden Grill

This is an extremely popular dining location at The Land pavilion that serves family-style breakfast, lunch and dinner. The produce offered at the location is grown right at The Land, and many of the offerings are completely made from scratch so that they are extremely fresh and unique to the restaurant. The restaurant is also one of a kind at Disney World in that it rotates so that the scenery is slowly changing, creating a very interesting dining experience. You also get to dine with Chip & Dale, Mickey and Pluto. They will make their way from table to table to interact with you and your family. Character dining experiences are extremely popular and a lot of fun. Be sure to make your reservation in advance and have your cameras and autograph books ready.

2. The Land and Soarin’

The Land is the home to one of the most popular attractions on property, Soarin’. Soarin’ takes you on an amazing flight over beautiful sights around the globe! The experience is completely immersive, including the scents of the scenes that you are experiencing. This pavilion is also home to a few other exciting attractions, including the very popular Living with the Land boat ride. This attraction is where you get to see the greenhouse where most of the produce for the restaurants in the parks is produced. It is a place to really learn a lot about the land we live in and how to protect and get the most out of it.

1. Test Track

This is another extremely popular attraction that almost always has a VERY long wait. You will definitely want to get your FastPass+ secured as soon as possible for this one. This attraction allows you to design your vehicle and then participate in more interactive experiences after the ride. The ride takes you through the course to prepare for the fast 65 mph drive around the outside of the building. This is a fast-paced thrill ride that you will quickly see why the wait is always so long. This ride also takes a ride photo so you have the opportunity to look back and remember the attraction for years to come. Smile!!!

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