7 Things You Will Love About Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion In Walt Disney World

Mexico Pavilion (Credit: Disney Photo Snapper)

Hola, amigos! If you are looking for a high energy, fun place with many different amazing things to experience, then this pavilion is for you. You can expect fun music, a ride, dining, unique gift ideas and more. Here are the top 7 things that I know you will love about Epcot’s Mexico pavilion:


7. Donald Duck as a Caballero

Donald Duck is a loveable member of the Fab 5. We love getting the opportunity to see characters in different costumes and outfits from how we are used to seeing them as. At this pavilion Donald Duck appears as a true Caballero in his colorful poncho and traditional sombrero.

6. The indoor, night-time atmosphere

You enter the beautiful Mayan temple and you are transported to the streets of Mexico in the evening where you get the full effect with stars, trees, banners and more, like you would expect to see if you were really walking around busy Mexico streets at night. It is absolutely beautiful, and even has the river flowing with a Mayan temple as a backdrop. It is a truly unique experience and a great place to cool off and get out of the sun for a while on a hot, busy day.

5. Gran Fiesta Tour

This is one of two rides found in the World Showcase. This isn’t exactly a thrill ride, but is one of Disney’s classic dark, water rides taking you through various sights and experiences in Mexico. You are also accompanied by the loveable trio from the Three Caballeros in their search to find the one and only Donald Duck. It’s a great place to rest and enjoy the ride, and will definitely keep the kids entertained!

4. Amazing food, and multiple restaurant options

This pavilion is the home to 2 table-service restaurants and 1 quick-service restaurant. All of them have delicious, traditional Mexican offerings that are absolutely amazing. The table-service locations are both among the more unique options within all of Walt Disney World. San Angel Inn is inside of the Mayan temple and is next to the Gran Fiesta Tour boat ride, so you may be lucky enough to get seating by the water, and enjoy dining in the beautiful evening-time atmosphere. Hacienda de San Angel has a quick-service option, but also has a full-service restaurant on the water. This is a beautiful location to be able to eat on the water with the view of all of the rest of the amazing World Showcase all around you. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices.


3. The mariachi band

Mariachi bands are so much fun! The upbeat music and bright costumes are recognizable from traditional Mexican history, and instantly put a smile on your face when you get to encounter their show. You will want to check your Times Guide for the day to determine when their sets will be so that you don’t miss them, and know exactly where to find them.

2. The indoor marketplace

The inside of the Mayan temple is amazing, as we have already mentioned. The marketplace that you find inside is also amazing. There are various carts with different souvenirs and items inspired by Mexican traditions. You will also find the amazing glass blowing shop where you can find beautiful and unique pieces that shine and twinkle beautifully in the low lighting.

1. Margaritas!

Everyone loves a good margarita, and this pavilion has GREAT ones! Check out La Cava del Tequila  and/or Choza de Margarita for amazing margaritas. This is a staple drink for Mexico and you need a frosty glass to help seal the deal on your Mexico experience.

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