7 Tips For Squeezing In The Most Attractions At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

7. Arrive to the parks early

The most difficult part of squeezing in as many attractions as possible is factoring in wait times. You could have a whole day of attractions planned, but a busy week at the park might mean not getting around to everything you planned due to lengthy wait times. Even during the busiest times of year, getting to the parks early can help you cut out some of the wait. By arriving right when the park opens you should have at least a couple of hours to hit some of the big attractions before the park gets too crowded. If you’re not sure how early to arrive, getting on the first bus of the morning from your Disney resort is never a bad option, even if you’re a little bit early, you’ll be in the front of the crowd that enters the park once the gates open.


6. Eat on the go, or eat at off times with Mobile Ordering

One of the most time consuming parts of any visit to a theme park is sitting down for a meal. Even with a reservation, you could still be waiting ten to fifteen minutes for a table at a busy table service restaurant, and during peak seasons (or even peak times of day) the quick service alternatives might not even be much quicker. If you’re really looking to squeeze in as many attractions as possible, either eat on the go by buying snacks in the parks or bringing your own, or eat at quick service locations during off times (no lunch rush) and don’t forget to use the Mobile Ordering option on your My Disney Experience App.

5. Make good use of your Fastpasses

Using Fastpass+ is a great way to avoid some of the long lines for your favorite attractions, just make sure you use this service in a way that will give you the most benefit out of it. For instance, shows are not a good use of a Fastpass, as you would more than likely be able to see the shows by waiting in the standby line, and there is typically no reserved area for Fastpasses. The exception to this might be fireworks and parade viewings, as they do have reserved areas, however you would still need to arrive early, and at that point you could find an equally nice spot without using a Fastpass. I would also suggest making Fastpasses for the middle of the day, when the parks are the most crowded, and doing some research into what attractions typically draw longer waits.

4. Save non-park things for when the parks are closed, or the days you arrive or depart

If your goal is to squeeze in as many attractions as possible, leaving the Magic Kingdom to go to Disney Springs is probably not the best use of your time, unless of course the Magic Kingdom is closed already thereby making it impossible to squeeze in some more attractions over there. To get the most out of your time in terms of attractions, save all of the non-park things for when the parks are closed at night or for days when you probably won’t be using a park ticket anyway.

3. Purchase park hoppers

I always suggest purchasing park hoppers, as I enjoy the flexibility of being able to switch parks on a whim, or simply breaking up the day between two parks. Park hoppers can be especially useful if you’re determined to fit as many attractions as possible into one trip. For instance, when you want just a half day at Animal Kingdom, you could use a park hopper ticket to go over to the Magic Kingdom, which my be open later.


2. Don’t squeeze too much in with kids in your group

While kids are probably all for going on as many rides as possible, you should remember that kids can get worn out a lot easier than adults can. And where tired adults usually just result in an early night back at the resort, tired kids can result in tantrums and meltdowns. If you’re trying to squeeze in lots of attractions with kids in tow, either plan very wisely so that you can tour the parks efficiently and avoid running back and forth, or follow my next tip.

1. Take breaks

Even if you do not take breaks throughout the day, taking a day off from the parks in the middle of your trip can help you restore some energy you’ll need to get through all the attractions at Walt Disney World. Whether you sit down in the shade with some water, or take a day off to stay by the pool, relaxing a little bit here and there can go a long way in fitting in as many attractions as possible.

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