7 Ways Walt Disney World Insiders Keep The Magic Alive At Home

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Your Disney vacation may be over (sniff sniff), but that doesn’t mean that the magic has to be. You can keep that Disney magic alive even at home. It may require a little bit of planning and setup, but it is well worth it when you look at the memories and fun that you will have as a family, which is really the most important part of the Disney magic, right? Here are 7 ways that Walt Disney World Insiders keep the magic alive at home, and to help tide us over until our next trip:


7. Disney movie nights

Plan a Disney movie night and theme the food and treats around the movie of your choice. Immersing your family into the theme and fun of an evening will help you feel like you are still part of the amazing worlds and parks within Walt Disney World. This is also a great way to rekindle your affection for beloved characters before your next trip.

6. Make Disney-inspired treats and goodies

Disney offers many cookbooks, or you can even find treats on Pinterest or on the Disney Food Blog. These creations could be inspired by the characters, recreations of beloved treats that you find at Disney World or even foods that are just fun to create and eat with the family. These treats will be fun for the whole family and help curb your Disney World appetite.

5. Crafts and activities

There are so many fun crafts that you can make to help display more of your love for Disney and your favorite characters. Some of these crafts and activities can even be for items that you can use on your vacation like t-shirts or window decorations for your resort room. You can also make art and other crafts that you can display in your house to remind you of the Disney magic all the time.

4. Use your Disney mugs

While on a Disney vacation, you are able to get refillable mugs to enjoy unlimited soda and beverages at your resort. You get to keep these mugs and they are great to use for hot and cold beverages on an everyday basis. You can also buy many other mugs and cups with your favorite characters on them and use them when you are back home. It helps put a little bit of Disney in every drink!


3. Decorate in Disney

My family is very big on this. You can purchase or make Disney art to display in your home. We have themed rooms for each room in the house and make it a project to collect more art and décor for each room to help add to the theme. There are so many great choices to choose from throughout the many movies, the parks at Disney World and all the amazing characters. Your house looks very Disney and you are surrounded by magic all the time!

2. Family Disney game nights

Try playing Disney character Pictionary or maybe Disney trivia. You can even do a Disney karaoke night or a dance party. They key is that the whole family is laughing and having a blast together and you get to incorporate a little of the Disney magic into that. You can even use this as a way to build on your skills and knowledge for your next trip!

1. Plan your next trip!

We already know you want to go again, so go ahead and start planning that next trip. Even if you aren’t going for a year or two, you can still book your resort package by only putting $200 dollars down. Then you and your family can plan together. You can create a countdown, you can do activities together to create shirts and other fun for your trip, and you can engage the kids with earning money by helping around the house to build their souvenir money for the trip. It gets the whole family involved and builds the anticipation for the next amazing visit.

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