8 Points Most People Don’t Know About Snacks At Walt Disney World

Mickey Ice Cream Bar
Credit: Disney Tips

Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? I mean you’re doing all that walking, so you’re burning calories and have earned a treat, or two, right? Here are 8 points that most people don’t know about snacks at Walt Disney World:


8. They can be a meal!

Many of the snack locations also offer small bites or items like turkey legs that can actually be a meal that will end up saving you a little money and keep you satisfied until dinner if you don’t want to take a long break over lunch time. This is a great way to eat at Epcot when you can snack from country to country and then enjoy a really dinner for your evening meal. We use the snack trick to save a lot of precious Disney hours!

7. Included in Disney Dining plans.

2 snack entitlements, per person per night are included in the dining plans. For a family of 4 on the Deluxe dining plan, they will have 8 snacks to use collectively per night of their stay. That is a lot of snacks and means you can make good use of those to sample lots of great Disney food!

6. There are healthy options.

Snacks aren’t all candy and junk. Many of the snack locations offer healthy options and whole food options for guests to enjoy so you aren’t only loading up on sugar all day. We love that we can grab a piece of fruit for a quick breakfast before getting in lines.

5. Accommodates dietary or allergy needs.

Disney does bring in a line of pre-packaged treats that accommodate various dietary needs or allergies that limit guests to products that don’t include dairy, nuts, gluten, etc. If you have questions about any items, there are also ingredient books available at the locations so that you can double check the ingredients, or don’t hesitate to ask a manager.

4. The Dole Whip isn’t just at the Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom is my favorite spot to get one, so that I can ride Pirates of the Caribbean right afterward, but it is not the only spot that you can score this fan favorite. You can get them at the Polynesian Resort, Pop Century Resort, and at Animal Kingdom. At some of these location you can also get versions that include alcohol as well, so for my adult friends out there, you definitely want to give that a try!


3. Characters, characters everywhere!

Do you have a favorite character that you are obsessed with? Yeah, me too. You are definitely in good company as my Donald Duck obsession could borderline creepy to those that don’t understand the love we have for our favorite characters. As far as snacks go, you are in luck! At the various snack locations, you will notice that most of them, especially at the bakeries, are themed and offer lots of character options. You will find Mickey everything, plus many other characters on top of cupcakes, caramel apples, cookies, etc. Don’t forget this important lesson… everything tastes better with Mickey ears!

2. Don’t forget about Disney Springs.

We can’t just talk about the parks when we talk about snacks when Disney Springs is also an AMAZING spot to load up on sinful favorites. You have Ghirardelli where you can buy bags of chocolate or have an ice cream treat. You also have the chocolate ganachery, cupcake locations, the food trucks and they have even more planned for the area that is sure to be scrumptious. You definitely won’t go hungry while you are shopping and exploring there!

1. They make great gifts!

The parks sell pre-packaged snacks that are still oozing with the Disney magic of your favorite characters, especially goodies from Goofy’s Candy Company, that are perfect for bringing home to give as gifts. (Maybe even a few gifts for yourself, right?!?) If you can’t decide what to bring home for loved ones back home, snacks may be the perfect treat!

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