Signs That You’re Obsessed With Walt Disney World

7. Your friends will call you for help with their Disney vacations

When one of your friends decides to book a Disney vacation, you’re the first person they call. Others can always count on you for giving the best advice, and for recommending the best restaurants and things to do. If your friends are always asking for your help with their own Disney vacations, there’s a good chance you’re obsessed with Walt Disney World… and everyone knows it too.


6. You’re pretty decent at scrapbooking your past trips

Photos, tickets, maps, times guides, and other little souvenirs from past trips are not just shoved in a drawer somewhere at your home. Chances are, they’re scrapbooked, and if they’re not then they’re at least neatly organized in a folder, or stored on your computer, or maybe even Facebook or Instagram. Even if the rest of your life is a disorganized mess, if you’re Disney obsessed, all of those awesome Disney memories are neatly arranged somewhere where you can easily access them.

5. You own a good amount of Disney World-related books

If you’re obsessed with Walt Disney World, this topic probably takes up a large chunk of retail space on your bookcase. In addition to the basic guide books, you probably have a nice collection of history books, the Imagineer field guide books, and maybe even a hidden Mickey book or two. Even if you’re not a huge reader, you probably read a lot when it comes to books about Walt Disney World.

4. You read up about the parks online

Maybe you frequent this website, or maybe you’re also on a few different message boards, or you might even just closely follow the Disney parks blog. Wherever you get your internet Disney fix, you’re definitely getting it, and probably multiple times a day too.


3. A significant amount of your paycheck goes to Disney in one way or another

Whether or not you make a payment on a Disney trip, buy a Disney t-shirt from the Disney store, or even head to the movies to see the latest Disney film, somehow, someway, part of your paycheck will go right back to Disney. You might try to control this, but you can’t. If you’re really Disney obsessed, you’ll be able to tell from your bank account.

2. You dress in true Disney fashion

Even if you’re not currently in the parks, you might buy certain clothes only because you intend on wearing them during your next vacation. Furthermore, you might wear Disney parks clothes at home. If you see nothing wrong with wearing your Space Mountain shirt out and about in your home town, or putting on some Mickey ears in your home or at your town’s local venue for a performance of Disney on Ice, then you are most definitely obsessed with Walt Disney World.

1. You’re always planning your next trip

Even if your next trip is not yet booked, you’re always planning your next trip. Even if your next trip is years away, chances are you’re still planning your next trip. Any right minded Disney obsessed person is constantly checking prices, reading reviews, making mental advanced dining reservations, and loosely planning out the time of year and other factors for your next trip. If your next trip is actually booked, then this point applies to you even more. If you’ve booked your next trip, you’re counting down the days, and planning out which day you’ll be at which park, and if and how you’ll squeeze in time for the water parks, or maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth that room upgrade you’ve been considering for some time. One way or another, any Disney obsessed person is always in the process of planning the next trip to Walt Disney World.

About Brittany DiCologero

Brittany is a New England-based writer focused on the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. She is the author of "Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Reality of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort," and "Brittany Earns Her Ears."