8 Spectacular Things About Slinky Dog Dash at Walt Disney World

Guests of all ages are welcome to join the fun at Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Woody’s sidekick, Slinky, is racing guests along the tracks of the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster ride. Here are 8 spectacular things about this fun attraction that will have you hooked!

8. The Imagineers have been here.

And that means that no only are we in for an amazing experience at Slinky Dog Dash; it also means that there’s a story to the ride as well! It goes something like this—Woody’s owner, Andy, has built a roller coaster track using his Mega-Coaster Construction Kit, and he decided to use Slinky as the coaster vehicle, and when Andy’s away, the toys will play! As Guests enter Toy Story Land, they are magically shrunk to toy size, which makes them just the right size for boarding Slinky and taking a spin around the track.

7. It’s no kiddie coaster.

Slinky Dog Dash doesn’t hold the same thrill factor as Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom, but it sure holds its own when compared to the Barnstormer at Magic Kingdom. It’s even got a slightly higher thrill factor than the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (don’t worry—we still love 7D!). The coaster boasts two significant “drops” and lots of twists and turns that will have you feeling better about waiting in the stand-by queue to ride again!

Photo Credit: Disney

6. Jessie saves Rex.

During one part of the Slinky Dog Dash attraction, Guests are whisked past Jessie and Rex. But don’t try to wave to Jessie and distract her. Rex is standing on a precariously balanced stack of Jenga blocks, and Jessie is focused on lassoing the would-be tumbling tower back into order. Bonus points—both Jessie and Rex talk!

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5. Slinky gets a boost half-way through the ride.

About midway through the Slinky Dog Dash experience, Slinky hits a bit of a slow-down, and asks Guests to “hang on.” He backs up slowly and then he speeds off through three arches with the word, “Go!” on them. The rest of the ride is just as thrilling as the first part!

Photo Credit: Disney

4. Woo-hoo!

A fun little tidbit to the Slinky Dog Dash comes after one of the long drops on the ride when Slinky yells out, “Woo-hoo!”

3. The track is longer than it looks.

Thanks to the great lengths that Disney’s Imagineers went to in order to make us truly feel like we are in Andy’s backyard, your first look at Slinky’s track is somewhat skewed. To give Toy Story Land that “backyard” feeling, Imagineers were sure to use bushes, shrubs, grass and different plants throughout the land. Because of these and because of your initial vantage point when you enter Toy Story Land, Slinky’s track looks shorter than it really is. But once you walk across the bridge that stands over part of the track on your way to the queue, you begin to see just how much work Andy put into building Slinky’s long winding track.

Photo Credit: Disney

2. You’ve got to admit that ride vehicle is pretty special!

Even though there’s only one Slinky Dog (like there’s only one Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.), there are two Slinky “trains” that run the tracks. Each train looks just like Slinky and seats 18 Guests. And yes, the ride vehicle is built so that the seats fit neatly into Slinky’s coils. Even if you’re not a coaster junkie, you’ll appreciate the look of the “Slinky trains.”

1. Wheezy sings you home!

You’ll love this ride so much that when it comes to an end, you might find yourself in a melancholy mood. And apparently Disney’s Imagineers already thought that through. So instead of letting you go home sad that it’s over, they placed one of Woody’s pals, Wheezy the Penguin, at the end of the ride. He sings “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” in his deep voice (think Robert Goulet).  And Mr. Spell texts the words across his screen as well! Spectacular indeed!

Photo Credit: Disney

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