8 Things to Know About Aerophile at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World

Aerophile is an extremely unique experience, which is found at Disney Springs within Walt Disney World.  If you have noticed that huge balloon and wondered what it was all about and how to go for a ride, then you are in luck.  Check out these 8 things to know about Aerophile at Disney Springs:


8. What is Aerophile?

Aerophile is the operator for the huge balloon that you see within Disney Springs.  The balloon was custom-built for Disney by Paris-headquartered company Aérophile S.A., and the Aéro30 is filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium.  The balloon is tethered and will go up and down in the same location.

7. How many people the balloon can hold.

The basket that carries guests high up into the sky is 19 feet in diameter.  It can hold up to 29 people (plus 1 Aérophile-certified pilot, bringing the total to 30) during each flight.  So this means that most parties will be able to go up together to enjoy the amazing views.

6. How high you go up!

This attraction takes guests to heights up to 400 feet in the air!  With this height above Walt Disney World, guests can see for about a 10 mile radius around the area.  This is the only way that you can see this amazing view from this height at Walt Disney World (unless you somehow went in a private plane).


5. The cost to enjoy the ride.

Of course there is a cost to go up in the balloon.  The current costs are $25 for adults (guests aged 10 and older) or $20 for children (guests aged 3 to 9).  There aren’t typically discounts that are offered, like Disney Vacation Club, Walt Disney World Annual Passholder, etc.  We always recommend that you ask anyway, just in case something changes so that you can ensure that you get any available savings.

4. Where to find the balloon.

If you are in the Disney Springs area, it is pretty difficult to miss the huge balloon, especially when it is in the air. If you are interested in going on a ride, then you will want to head to the West Side area of Disney Springs and pay for your flight at the kiosk.  It is on the water close to the Starbucks and the bridge in that area.

3. How long the flight lasts.

Each flight lasts around 8 to 10 minutes.  The pilot will slowly take guests high into the sky and then guests will get to enjoy the views at the highest point for several minutes before making the descent back to the landing area.  Since the views are 360 degrees, you have plenty of time to look around at everything in the distance.

2. The attraction is wheelchair accessible.

The attraction is able to be boarded by guests in their wheelchair.  ECVs or motorized scooters are not able to board, so guests who aren’t able to walk/stand without it will need to be able to transfer to an available wheelchair in order to experience the attraction.

1. Key items to consider before planning a visit.

The balloon won’t fly when there are winds that exceed 22mph or there is a storm, so be sure to check the weather ahead of time if this is a must-experience attraction.  The attraction notes that guests who are pregnant or are prone to motion sickness, vertigo, heart problems, etc. are not recommended to ride the attraction. Also, guests will not be able to bring any items on like bags, food/drink, strollers, etc.  These items will have to be left back on the ground.

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