8 Things You May Not Know About Refillable Mugs At Walt Disney World

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Credit: Disney Tips

The refillable mugs are available in the quick-service locations at all Walt Disney World Resorts. They can be a great value for guests and provide a lot of benefits and features. Here are 8 things that you may not know about the refillable mugs:


8. Included in Disney Dining Plans

On the Disney Dining Plan? Well, the refillable mug is a part of every dining plan! Each member of your party that has the dining plan (over age 3) will get to choose their mug and use it for your entire stay! No sharing or fighting over what color to get, you each get your own and get to pick your own drinks!  It is a really nice perk of having the dining plan.

7. Can’t purchase daily plan

It used to be that there were different options for how long you could use a Refillable Mug but now there is just one; length of stay. A mug for a weekend getaway will cost the same amount as a mug for a two week vacation. You don’t need to be staying on Walt Disney World property to purchase a Refillable Mug, but off property guests will only be able to use it for one day, making it a very expensive souvenir.  The price is now $18.99 before taxes for the entire length of your stay

6. Able to use at any resort

If you like to go resort hopping and look around the other resorts, then you are in luck!  Be sure to bring your cup(s) with you and you can fill up your drinks from the other resorts so don’t get thirsty while you are exploring or going from meal to meal.

5. There are time limits between drinks

There is a 2-3 minute time limit between refills. This is to help prevent guest from only buying one mug and then constantly refilling the mug to fill up other cups. So if you fill up your mug, then happen to down it quickly and it isn’t letting you fill again, just remember the limits and then try again.

4. Anyone can purchase, whether staying at the resort or not

This is especially helpful if you have friends that aren’t staying on property come to visit you to hang out.  If you plan to hang around the resort(s) they can buy their own mug based on the pricing guidelines, without being required to be a guest of the resort.  It can be a much more cost-effective option if they plan to refill the cup at least a few times.


3. Wide variety of beverage options

The refill stations have numerous options. There all kinds of Coca-Cola products and variations of those products.  There are also teas, coffee, etc. that are available with the sweeteners and other add-ins for those that enjoy those beverages.  It is very unlikely that you won’t find a drink that you like available to you at all times.

2. The mug is dishwasher safe

Once you get home and decide to your mug, it is great that the mug is completely safe for the dishwasher.  You will just want to remove the paper chip that is on the bottom of the cup, since that is no longer needed and no longer works.  It’s always good not to have to wash by hand or be worried about the dishwasher messing up one of your utilitarian souvenirs!

1. Rinse stations

At the Rapid Refill locations, you will notice a station where you can rinse your cups.  This will help you keep your cup clean while you are on vacation, and allows you to easily change from drink to drink without residue left in your cup!  So feel free to try all of the different drinks!

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