8 Things You’ll Love About ESPN Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World

Many guests may not even realize that Walt Disney World is the home to an amazing sports complex that has welcomed athletes of all ages, including professional players.  The ESPN Wide World of Sports complex is an impressive facility that sports enthusiasts will definitely want to learn about.  Here are 8 things that you’ll love about ESPN Wide World of Sports:

8. The complex is huge!

The entire ESPN Wide World of Sports complex is 230 acres.  The complex is professional run and includes state-of-the-art facilities to host a variety of different sports and events throughout the year.  The complex is suitable to meet the needs of athletes of all ages across a variety of different sports.

7. Parking is free or take advantage of Disney transportation.

If you are heading over to the complex for an event, you will be glad to know that the parking is free.  There is premium parking available for a fee, but the general parking is free.  If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, then you can also leverage the Disney bus transportation to get to and from ESPN Wide World of Sports, too!

6. The complex is the home to the RunDisney expos.

If you are considering participating in one of the RunDisney events, then you will definitely need to become familiar with ESPN Wide World of Sports.  The complex is the home to the RunDisney Expos where participants will pick up their race materials and can visit a variety of merchandise and promotional locations at the Expo.  The kids’ events are also held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

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5. Was the home of the Atlanta Braves spring training.

The complex is no stranger to famous athletes and major league teams.  ESPN Wide World of Sports actually hosted the Atlanta Braves spring training and many of the spring training games for 22 seasons.  They had their last season earlier in 2019 as the new training facility for the Atlanta Braves is now complete.  It was definitely a fun run for the complex while it lasted.  If you are a football fan, the complex is still frequently the home of games and events for Pro Bowl week leading up to the Pro Bowl game.

4. Champion Stadium is amazing.

Champion Stadium is the centerpiece of the whole complex.  It is a retro-style ballpark that hosts a variety of different events, including concerts and other gatherings.  The maximum capacity for the stadium is 11,500 guests.  There are four luxury suites, a conference room suite and other outdoor terraces and areas.  The stadium also has the best equipment, including a huge jumbo screen. It is awesome to experience such an impressive stadium right within Walt Disney World.

3. There is a production center.

The production center at the complex is a 2,500 square foot state-of-the-art facility.  It has 8 different edit bays and is able to uplink to EPSN in Bristol, Los Angeles and New York.  There are 56 different high definition cameras.  Of these cameras, 42 are robotic, 10 are handheld and 4 are studio cameras.  There are also 40 high definition video screens, 3 of which are jumbo screens.  This production center can capture and display the action with the greatest quality.

2. There are shopping and dining options.

Of course you won’t go hungry while at ESPN Wide World of Sports.  There are a few different dining options, including options within Champion Stadium.  ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill is also available across from Champion Stadium, offering a fast casual type of dining experience with indoor and outdoor seating options.  There are high definition screens in the location for watching games and events.  There are also retail locations for guests who like to shop and check out some of the branded items from the complex.

1. The complex can accommodate a variety of different sports.

The main stadium in the middle of the complex may be a ballpark, but the complex can accommodate much more than baseball.  There are a variety of sports fields where sports like soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, softball, cricket and more can be played.  There is also a tennis complex which can accommodate all kinds of tennis events from youth to professional.  The track and field complex is a world-class 400-meter polyurethane complex and meets the IAAF world governing body standards and measurements which are consistent with Olympic venues. The complex is also home to other sports events like basketball, dance and cheer tournaments.  The complex celebrates all sports!

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