8 Things You’ll Love About Sprinkles at Walt Disney World

Sprinkles is a cupcake bakery which is located in the Town Center area of Disney Springs.  The location specializes in cupcakes, but does have some other dessert options.  Cupcakes are delicious any time of day, so thankfully the location has late hours and other late night sweet tooth options.  Here is a look at 8 things that you are going to love about Sprinkles:


8. There is a large variety of cupcakes offered.

If you like to try different flavors and varieties, then you are in luck.  There are different cake and icing combinations so that you can try something that will perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth.  There are even unique flavors and pairings so that you can also try something new.

Photo Credit: Sprinkles

7. You’ll find allergy-friendly options.

If you have gluten allergies, there are gluten-free options at the location so that you can still have a delicious cupcake.  There are also frequently other gluten-free dessert options to pick from if you want to try something besides a cupcake, too.

6. The cupcake ATM.

This is definitely one of my favorite features.  If you are visiting Disney Springs in the later hours and have a sweet tooth, you can still get a delicious cupcake! There is a cupcake ATM where you can pay, select your cupcake and it will be dispensed to you at any time of the day. It is probably one of the most unique ways to shop for a cupcake!

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5. Conveniently located in Disney Springs.

You don’t have to venture into a theme park or park at a resort in order to visit Sprinkles.  It is located in Disney Springs close to popular shopping and dining locations, so you can have a sweet treat while you visit with friends, do your shopping or just walk around and check out the sites.

4. There are special offerings for holidays and events.

There are frequently special cupcakes debuted for select holidays, events and other happenings in the area.  The featured cupcakes usually feature flavors and decorations to match the celebration and are only available while supplies last, so you will want to check these out when you can!


3. Check out the Sprinkles cookbook.

If you fall in love with Sprinkles, but don’t have a location where you live you aren’t completely out of luck.  You can purchase the Sprinkles cookbook that is available at the location so that you can bake some of your own delicious Sprinkles cupcakes from home.  We are sure that it won’t exactly be the same and definitely takes more work, but it will definitely help tide you over until your next visit to Sprinkles.

2. The location offers Sprinkles Perks.

If you end up falling in love with Sprinkles, then you can join their loyalty program.  The program is called Sprinkles Perks and you can earn points each time that you visit any Sprinkles locations (even the ones not located within Disney Springs).  The points will help to add up for a free cupcake!  It’s definitely worth collecting those points.

1. There are boxes to take cupcakes home in.

If you wanted to try more of the cupcakes or take one or more for later, there is an option for that.  The location has boxes for your cupcake(s) so that you can ensure that they make it back to your location safely.  This is great to have that option so that you can continue to enjoy Sprinkles even after you leave Disney Springs.

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