8 Things You’ll Love About The Oasis At Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom

1. It sets the stage for the rest of the park.

The Oasis is the first area guests see once they pass through the gates of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In contrast to other parks where you are almost right in front of the park icon as soon as you enter, the Oasis provides a shady and lush passageway to the rest of Animal Kingdom. It makes the reveal of Discovery Island and the Tree of Life all that more exciting because you can’t see it until you pass through the Oasis.


2. It’s almost never crowded.

Since the Oasis is sandwiched between the shops on Discovery Island and the guest services closer to the entrance (like stroller rentals and lockers), this area is really never crowded. That isn’t to say that there is nothing to see here though. If you are looking to escape the crowds or just take your time enjoying nature on your way in or out of the park, the Oasis is the perfect hideaway to slow it down and take some time to yourself.

3. You can see unique animals.

Some of the most unique animals in the park call the Oasis home. While walking towards the rest of the park, see if you can spot a giant anteater, babirusa, and spoonbills. The animal exhibits here are rarely crowded (because so many guests pass right by them on their way into the park) and you can learn a lot about these fascinating creatures before even getting to the Tree of Life.

4. You can dine in the rainforest.

The Oasis is home to Rainforest Cafe, where guests can dine while surrounded by the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest. This location is open for breakfast, so if you’re an early bird who is looking for the perfect table service breakfast before a long day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this may be for you. The other breakfast table service option in the park is Tusker House, which while delicious is character dining and may not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a quieter breakfast or a more cost effective option, the Rainforest Cafe can really work for you.


5. There is plenty of shade.

Much of the Oasis is covered by a canopy of trees, and while it will likely still be hot and humid you’re sure to find plenty of shade here. If you need to cool off and relax somewhere quiet with a water bottle this is one of the best spots in the park to do so. Near the end of the Oasis towards Discovery Island you can even find a small cave with benches that is one of the coolest and quietest places in the park.

6. You can check out DiVine.

DiVine is a ‘living’ vine character you can see in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and she tends to hang out with all of the other vines in the Oasis. You can ask a cast member or see a times guide for information, and she is definitely worth the stop as she provides some of the best streetmosphere entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resort.

7. You’ll find some of the best pin trading here.

Ever notice that some spots tend to have better pin trading opportunities than others? The Oasis probably tends to have the best pin trading options in the park simply because so many guests pass right by. Pins are traded less, so you have a better chance of stumbling across something more unique than you’d usually see. Plus you can sometimes find a pin trading trash can or stroller!

8. It’s home to Guest Services.

Speaking of strollers, the Oasis is home to Guest Services. If you have questions or would like to view your PhotoPass photos, rent a stroller, wheelchair, or locker, or if you need to speak to a guest services cast member, the Oasis is where you’ll want to go. It’s also where you’ll be picking up any packages that you may have had shipped to the front of the park during your visit. (But remember that guests staying at Disney resorts are also eligible to ship purchases back to their resort gift shop as well, free of charge).

About Brittany DiCologero

Brittany is a New England-based writer focused on the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. She is the author of "Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Reality of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort," and "Brittany Earns Her Ears."