8 Totally Cool Things About Dino Sue at Walt Disney World

Dino Sue isn’t just any dinosaur skeleton statue. She is so much more than that and a huge part of dinosaur history.  She is another example of the level of detail that Disney puts into everything that they do.  If you haven’t visited her, then you definitely need to!  Here are 8 totally cool things about Dino Sue:


8. Named after a fossil hunter

Sue is actually named after the fossil hunter, Sue Hendrickson.  She was responsible for finding a variety of important fossils and artifacts around the world that have helped educate us on dinosaurs.

7. Modeled after the original Sue

The original Sue was a 67 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.  She was found in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1990.  She is one of the most famous fossils of our time because over 90% skeleton was found.  This is extremely uncommon and allowed scientists and paleontologists to learn more than they had ever known before about the Tyrannosaurus Rex species.  Sue, within Walt Disney World, is the perfect replica and model of the “real” Sue.

6. Sue takes a great photo!

You can take some great selfies with Sue when you visit.  There are also a lot of other great surroundings in her area, so there is a lot of great opportunities to take fun photos to commemorate your vacation.  At the end of the vacation, photos is one of the best souvenirs you can have and all of your dinosaur-loving friends will be very jealous that you got to meet Sue!


5. Sue would have weighed a ton

Well, she actually would have weighed 7 tons!  She would have also been around 42 feet in length and 13 feet tall when she walked the Earth.  This makes her the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex that has yet to be discovered.  This definitely makes her pretty special and impressive!

4. Sue was put together in front of guests

When Sue was brought to Disney’s Animal Kingdom within Walt Disney World, she was actually put together in front of guests.  She was put together in her current location where guests were able to see the progress. It took a three member team to complete the task of building Sue as we know her today.  Part of the process included a lab where guests were able to see the mold process through large glass windows.  Pretty cool, huh?

3. There is no line or wait to see Sue

You can typically go and see Sue for yourself without the hassle of a long line or wait, which is nice on a hot, crowded day.  If you are looking for something fun to do, especially something educational for the kids, then visiting Sue is definitely a great time. You can spend time visiting Sue while waiting on your DINOSAUR! FastPass+ time!

2. She is quite expensive

Disney was among the contributors who helped to pay for the original Sue when she went up for auction.  She was up for auction in 1997 and at that time Disney and a group of other companies and donors contributed $8,362,500 in order to purchase Sue.  This is the highest amount that has ever been paid for a dinosaur fossil. The original skeleton ended up in the Field Museum in Chicago, and Walt Disney World ended up with an exact replica.  The cost to complete the replica was probably also pretty expensive, but hopefully not as much as the original cost for Sue.

1. Where to find Sue

Sue is located within the Dinoland, U.S.A. area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. She can be found ahead of the entrance to DINOSAUR! within the land. It will be hard to miss her since she is so large and you will definitely want to make sure to check her out.

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