8 Totally Cool Things About Enchanted Tiki Room At Walt Disney World

I’ve always loved the Enchanted Tiki Room but, to be honest, I used to be a little embarrassed about it!  It’s an old attraction and definitely not on the cutting edge of theme park entertainment, but there is something that’s really endearing about it.  Yesterday I was talking to some coworkers who had all been to Disney World recently and I found out that they loved it too!  I guess it’s not just me!  Now I’ll proudly call myself a Tiki Room fan, and I hope you’ll be one too.  Here are 8 totally cool things about it:


8. Short lines

Let’s start with the first question most people ask when they’re trying to decide whether to try a ride or attraction – how long is the wait?  For the Enchanted Tiki Room, the answer is “not long!”  With shows starting every 15 minutes, and many people passing by because they don’t know how great it is, often times you’re just waiting a few minutes.

7. The waiting area

Even if you have to wait a little longer, you’ll enjoy spending most of your time in line shaded from the sun or rain.  You’ll also be entertained by a pre-show  and an awesome water fall creates a calming atmosphere.

6. A cool escape

The Enchanted Tiki Room is especially great on hot days, as it provides a dark, cool escape from the Florida sun!  I always feel refreshed after the show and ready to do some more walking!


5. It’s a classic!

The Enchanted Tiki Room opened at Disneyland in 1963 and was the first Disney attraction to use audio-animatronics.  The Walt Disney World version was one of the original attractions when the park opened.  There is something really special about seeing a show that’s been there for almost 50 years!

4. The show

The Enchanted Tiki Room show may be old, but it stands the test of time and continues to be really entertaining.  The hosts, 4 Macaws, are full of jokes that are sure to get you laughing.  The music is extremely catchy, and you’ll likely find yourself singing “in the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room…” long after the show has finished.

3. Great for all ages

One of the best things about the Enchanted Tiki Room is that it really is great for all ages.  Everyone from babies to grandparents will enjoy the show.  There’s enough excitement to keep older kids engaged, but it’s not too scary for the little ones.

2. Especially babies

I’ve always loved the Enchanted Tiki Room, but I’ve loved it even more this past year since I’ve been visiting with a baby!  I was a little nervous that it might be too loud or scary for her the first time, but none of that mattered because she fell asleep right away!  We’ve been back twice since then and she’s fallen asleep every time.  So if you’re struggling to figure out when/where to get a baby to nap at Magic Kingdom, I suggest giving this attraction a try!

1. Follow it up with a Dole Whip

Once the show is over, you’ll probably be in the mood for a tropical treat.  Never fear – the famed Dole Whip is available nearby at Aloha Isle!  This legendary Disney snack is the perfect way to follow up a visit to the Enchanted Tiki Room.

About Katie D

I grew up in New Jersey in a family where the word “vacation” was synonymous with “Disney World.” After a few years of visiting regularly, my family became Disney Vacation Club members which meant we visited even more! Going to Disney always felt kind of like going home, and some of my best childhood and teenage memories occurred there. Now that I live in Jacksonville, FL I am excited to be a short drive from this magical place and look forward to making new memories for years to come.