9 Ways To Make Your MagicBands Fabulous

MagicBands… Walt Disney World’s clever way to help you go wallet free at their parks and resorts! These functional band like bracelets connect your entire vacation onto one device. MagicBands will give you entry into the parks and your resort guest room. It can also be used to make food and gift purchases. Don’t forget this makes your FastPass+ selections a breeze to redeem as well. Just swipe that colorful band and you are on your way. Speaking of color, the MagicBands can be customized per guest in a variety of basic colors. They are complimentary to Walt Disney World Resort guests and start at $12.95 for others. MagicBands have recently undergone a makeover making them more versatile and comfortable as ever! Now the Here are 9 new ways to spruce up that basic MagicBand and make it extra fabulous!


9. Try Out A MagicKeeper

Disney now offers MagicKeepers for guests who prefer an alternative way to wear their MagicBand! Want a free wrist? No problem, with the new MagicBands, the center Mickey piece can be removed and placed in other MagicBands or in handy MagicKeepers. These MagicKeepers are themed lanyard clips with a carabiner.

8. Buy a Bitbelt

Buy a what? A Bitbelt is a tiny clasp that pairs with your MagicBand to prevent it from coming off. This is a great addition to your band and comes in a variety of colors including glow in the dark. More than just fashion, this one actually has a function. The Bitbelt was made to prevent loss of personal fitness trackers like Fitbit that have grown in popularity over the years. Now they are venturing into MagicBand territory. Buy through Amazon or Biltbelt’s website for $4.99.

7. Monogram Decal

Monogram initials are all the rage. Why not add one to your MagicBand too? Not only are they super cute they make a great keepsake you could wear again. These Decals can be found all over Etsy. Etsy is an online market place with handmade goods for sale. Just type in a quick search and choose your style.

6. Nail Polish Pens

These crafty pens aren’t just for nail art anymore. Grab a few fun colors and go to town. The thin tip of the nail polish pen allows for simple lines and dots. You can even find these in glow in the dark which would be cool for late night park hopping. Most drugstores and beauty supply shops sell nail polish pens.

5. Fabric Covers

Another Etsy find is MagicBand fabric covers. These just slide over the magic band temporarily. The bonus to these would be you can change the look daily.

4. Custom Painted

Turn your MagicBand into a fabulous canvas for a work of art. It is truly amazing the scenes that can be painted onto these tiny bands. If your artistic talent is lacking then you can have this customized on Etsy as well. Prices run around $20.

3. Slider Art

Bows, flowers, frames and more can be added to your MagicBand. Similar to a clasp, this extra decor can be removed anytime. You can find sliders on Etsy as well as the official Disney store website.


2. Magicbandits

This is an easy and affordable way to share your favorite Disney characters with others. Themed “bandits” that just pop onto the available holes on your MagicBand. The official Disney store website sells these for $6.95. Most come in sets of three. My favorite is the Disney Princess set which includes a glass slipper and Minne Mouse with a tiara!

1. Signature MagicBands

The Signature Disney Parks MagicBands are sold at the official Disney store and at the theme parks beginning around $19.95. Designs range from Toy Story to Star Wars. My favorite is the classic Minnie Mouse polka dot band. It’s fashionably fun and not over the top! These are especially great now that you can change out the center Mickey piece from one MagicBand to another. You could have a new MagicBand to match your outfit each day if you’d like!

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