9 Dos and Dont’s for Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center

Credit: Disney Tips

By Katie D

9. DO Visit during a festival –

EPCOT is full of fun and adventure every day, but it is especially magical during it’s festivals. The Food and Wine Festival in the fall brings tasting booths throughout World Showcase, presentations from culinary experts, and special entertainment to the park. At the Flower and Garden Festival in the spring, the park comes alive with magical topiary displays, outdoor kitches, advice from gardening gurus, and a weekend concert series.


8. DO Make reservations in advance for a table-service meal –

EPCOT has a plethora of great table-service dining options, and at least one of these needs to be part of your EPCOT experience! All of the countries in World Showcase have at least one table service restaurant, as do the Land and Sea pavilions, so there is no shortage of cuisines to choose from. Just make sure you make reservations as far in advance as possible (Disney advanced dining reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance). As it gets closer to the date, dinner reservations are often limited to 4:45 pm or late during Illuminations.

7. DON’T Choose the Mission: SPACE Orange Team if you get motion sick –

Mission:SPACE is an awesome thrill ride that takes riders on a mission to Mars. It’s one of the most thrilling thrill rides Disney has to offer. You might not actually be heading to Mars, but it sure feels like you are! Disney knows that not all of its guests are looking for G-forces, so Mission:SPACE offers two ride experiences. The Orange Team experience is the real deal, but if you get motiion sick, steer clear. Even if you can make it on Disney’s roller coasters, this one might still get you, so opt for the Green Team instead. You’ll still have a ton of fun, but hopefully without the upset stomach!

6. DON’T Forget that it’s not just about the rides –

EPCOT has a lot of great rides, but the park is so much more than that. In addition to fun, EPCOT celebrates technology, history, ecology, and culture. Make sure you take time to check out the pavilions in world showcase, the aquarium at the Seas, and the post-ride exhibits in Future World.

5. DO Stay for Illuminations –

Disney does a great job with light shows, and Illuminations is no exception. This laser and light show turns the World Showcase Lagoon into a musical and optical spectacular. Make sure to find a spot around the lagoon early so that you can get a good view!


4. DON’T Try to see the whole park in one day –

It’s just not possible. There is so much to do at EPCOT, that you can’t do it all in one day. If you try to see everything in one day, you’ll feel stressed and disappointed. Read about the rides, shows, and attractions ahead of time and choose the ones you are most excited about. Don’t overschedule yourself – you’re bound to stumble upon a street show, a shop, or a snack that gets you off schedule.
3. DO Ride Spaceship Earth –

Also known as the “big ball”, the EPCOT icon is more than just a symbol. It also houses a great dark ride that tells the story of communication from the dawn of hisotry through the present day. Many people hit up Spaceship Earth right when they enter the park, so stopping by later in the day might help you find a shorter line.

2. DO Drink or eat around the world –

The over-21 crowd has long known that drinking around the World Showcase is a great way to spice up an EPCOT visit. Each of the pavilions offer beer, wine, and/or mixed drinks reflective of their country. In the span of a day, you can sample drinks from around the world. If you’re not a drinker, you can explore food from around the world in a similar way. Grab a snack, dessert, or appetizer from each country for a culinary ‘round the world tour.

1. DO Use a Fastpass+ for Soarin’ –

Soarin’ is one of the most popular rides at EPCOT and definitely deserves to be one of your Fastpass+ selections. Soarin’ is a great option if you’re traveling with a variety of ages and “thrill seeking.” While it does have a heigh requirement (40 inches) and offers the feeling of flying, it is way more mellow than rides like Test Track, and can be enjoyed even by those who like a more mellow experience.

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