10 Facts & Tips About Quick Service Dining At Walt Disney World

There is just nothing like Disney food!  This is even true for the quick service dining locations, which are full of delicious and unique options that are so much more than what you would expect when dining at a theme park.  There are definitely things you need to know about quick service dining so that you can get the most out of it! Here are 10 facts and tips that you definitely need to check out:


10. You can share meals.

You can sometimes have issues a table service restaurants if you want to share plates amongst adults, and may incur additional charges.  This isn’t the case for quick service.  They don’t know how many people in your party and won’t ask you.  You can order the meals that you want and divvy them up however works the best for you and your family.  This is a great way to save money, and prevent wasting food.  Many of the meals are quite large and would be easy to share for lunch, especially if you aren’t super hungry or just need to tide yourselves over until a larger dinner.

9. There are seasonal/special event items.

Be sure to check out the various promotional items.  Many times you can find limited edition drink cups and other containers.  You can also find themed desserts based on the season or event.  These change out based on the park, area of the park and what seasons, events and holidays are currently being celebrated at Walt Disney World.  They are a lot of fun, and it is a great opportunity to try something new and get into the events.

8. Free water!

If the quick service location serves fountain soda, they are able to give you free cups of water!  There is no need to pay the expensive prices for bottled water or pay for soda, which will just further dehydrate you.  You can get refreshing ice water and as much as you want for each member of your party.  You don’t have to actually purchase anything to get the water either, you can just walk up and request water and they will give it to you.

7. Adults can order kid’s meals.

The same way they won’t question how many individuals are in your party, they won’t verify if the meals you order will be for children, so you can go right ahead and order a kid’s meal if you want.  This can help save a lot of money, keep you from getting too much food and still allow you to have a complete meal that typically even includes a cookie for dessert!  This is definitely not something allowed at table service restaurants!

6. Take your drink with you.

At the end of your meal, if you are at a quick service location where you can go up and refill your soda at the drink station, you can refill your drink and take a drink with you for the road.  This will give you more cold beverages to stay cool during the hot Florida days in the parks, and save you money later from purchasing more to drink.

5. Send someone to grab a table.

If you are able to, send someone in your party to start looking for a table.  If the restaurant is extremely busy, it can be hard to find a table sometimes.  This is especially true if you have a large party.  So if you send someone to patrol and find a good table, then hopefully by the time the rest of the party gets there with the food you will have a place to sit and start eating!

4. Eat during off-peak times.

This can save you a ton of time!  If you can avoid eating during the standard meal times, you won’t have to wait as long in line to order or to get your food.  You won’t have to search as hard for a table, either.  This would help you get in and out with ease so you can spend more time enjoying the fun in the parks.


3. The topping bars.

Look around as you enter the restaurant.  If the restaurant is a larger quick service location, it will likely have a topping bar where you can add lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, condiments, etc. to your food items so that they are made exactly how you like them.  This also lets you control how much goes on, too!  It helps to make the meal absolutely perfect.

2. Mobile Ordering is key.

It’s super simple to use mobile ordering. Just order and pay for your food from the MyDisneyExperience app and pick up your food when you arrive at a special Mobile Order window. It’s awesome! Quick Service locations accepting Mobile Ordering are vast at multiple locations around Walt Disney World including all four parks, Disney Springs, and even some resorts. The list of locations accepting Mobile Ordering continues to grow.

1. Check for extra seating options.

Some of the restaurants have really neat seating areas that aren’t known about by most guests, so be sure to look around and consider all areas of seating.  For example, at Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom there is an upstairs dining section which is totally awesome to sit in.  There is also a back porch area a Flame Tree Barbecue in Animal Kingdom which is a great place to sit.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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