9 Things To Know About UP! A Great Bird Adventure at Walt Disney World

UP! A Great Bird Adventure (Credit: Disney)

An often-looked-over attraction, Animal Kingdom’s “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” should definitely be added to your to-do list for your next trip. Sure, the show isn’t as popular as “Festival of the Lion King” or “Finding Nemo the Musical”, but it is entertaining in its own right and well worth seeing, especially if you’ve seen the rest of Animal Kingdom before. Want to know more about this show? Read on to learn 9 fun facts so you’ll be well prepared when your time comes to view the performance.


1. Different, Not New

Let’s begin by pointing out that while this show is different than it has been in the past, it isn’t exactly new. The show that once called this stage home was called “Flight of Wonder”, and was actually very similar to the show that performs there now. Just like “Up! A Great Bird Adventure”, “Flights of Wonder” featured well-trained live birds, showing off just how smart and beautiful these creatures can be. The big difference? This new iteration also include Russell and Dug from Pixar’s Up.

2. 15 Different Species

Believe it or not, this show includes not just one or two, but an astounding 15 species of birds. From parrots to macaws, there are tons of amazing and colorful feathered friends to admire in this performance. Perhaps one of the most impressive animals included is the African Fish Eagle, which boasts a 7-foot wingspan and makes darn sure to show it off.

3. Original Music

The score for this show is completely original, authentic Indian music. That said, you will definitely hear some familiar notes as well. This is because the composer for this show included a few themes from the movie Up, tying Russell and Dug into the show a bit more snugly and helping to keep younger audience members engaged and entertained.


4. Russell and Dug Together

As mentioned before, both Russell and Dug are included in this attraction. Oddly enough, this is the first time both characters have been seen together onstage in Animal Kingdom. Why is this odd? Well, the two are good friends, and it seems to us that Animal Kingdom is the ideal place for them to be hanging out. Note: If you want even more Up-themed fun, watch for Russell and Dug’s bird friend Kevin, who wanders the park from time to time.

5. 20 Trainers

Wondering what it takes to train 15 species of birds to perform a wide variety of tricks? Well, in this particular case, it took a total of 20 incredibly talented trainers and hours upon hours of rehearsal. Still, this is a live performance with live animals, so you can expect that the birds will make mistakes from time to time. That said, any mistakes are integrated quite well by the cast, and the performance is always spectacular.

6. Audience Participation

One of the most fun things about any Disney World show is the fact that they tend to include audience participation. “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” is no exception. In fact, this particular show might boast some of the most fun audience participation on property. Audience members who have the good fortune to be selected can go onstage and have a real live toucan hop across their arms. How cool is that?

7. Awesome Opening Day

“Up! A Great Bird Adventure” debuted on April 22nd, 2018. This day was special for two reasons. First, it was Earth Day, a perfect opening day for a show centered around caring for animals. Second, it was Animal Kingdom’s 20th anniversary. What an awesome anniversary gift for Animal Kingdom goers!

8. Updates Galore

This show opened relatively recently. Oddly enough though, the show closed only five months later and reopened with a completely different script. Now, another closure is scheduled for September of 2019, just a year after that first re-scripting. Disney is apparently doing their best to create the best possible show for their audience!

9. Great Afternoon Break

While this show is not performed indoors—meaning there is no air conditioning cooling the theater—it can still make for an excellent afternoon break. For starters, the theater is quite shaded and tends to be surprisingly cool. It also rarely fills to capacity, making it an easy place to stop in, rest your feet, and be entertained for a bit.

Ready to see Russell and Dug in “Up! A Great Bird Adventure” on your next trip? We can’t say we blame you! Have a blast and be sure to learn something new about our fine feathered friends.

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